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Feb 26, 2007 03:52 AM

Smith & Wollenskys

I've just enjoyed a good 5 day vacation in Manhattan and had the pleasure of a really good steak here, the service was really good and the waiter (Carl) really knew his stuff, we took the kids along and he made a great fuss of them and treated them well, the only down side I thought was that the tables were really crammed in and close together, other than that it was very good

Just wondering what you other Chow Hounds thought of the place?

We also had a very enjoyable evening in Virgils bar and grill just off of Times Square (I know but I was a tourist!) the food was great and my wife and my kids had a really enjoyable time there, anyone else out there had a meal or two in Virgils and if yes what did you think?

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  1. Virgil's is a perfectly fine place to grab a bite and a beer. it's not mind-blowing BBQ, but it's pretty solid overall (and they serve Kentcuky-style lamb, which is a rarity in these parts). i actually like their brisket quite a bit, and think their fried chicken -- while hit or miss -- can be pretty great. ribs kinda suck, though. atmosphere is fun and service friendly, competent, sometimes scattered....wouldn't travel for a meal there, but you can do a whole lot worse in times square

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    1. S&W has the best steak in the city in my opinion. The bone in cajun ribeye is to die for.

        1. S&W is one of the best in my humble opinion, blows the doors off of lugers!

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              Why is that silly? Luger's is out of the way, over priced, they expect me to share my steak, and most irratiating, they slice it for me. I want my steak whole, in one piece. The waiters have snarky attitudes which is suppose to be part of the allure. Please.

              1. re: angelo04

                Luger's is a quick taxi ride over a bridge and it's not a big deal to get there, unless you are so Manhattan-centric that any travel over or under water is a big deal, in which case there is so much good food that you are missing.

                Luger's price is competetive with other NYC steakhouses; it is not over priced.
                Also, there is no expectation that you share, except if you order a porterhouse which would likely be too big to eat by yourself, but then again you are getting both fillet and sirloin. As for the slicing, have you ever asked them not to slice it?

                I have never had a gruff waiter at Luger's, which is surprising given the folklore about snarky waiters, and I've been there 10+ times.

                My complaint about Luger's is that the winelist and glassware positively sucks, and they have no interest in changing it.

                1. re: Vinous

                  i am not thinking wine when i go to lugers!

                  1. re: jsmitty

                    I am. Steak and . . . beer? Coke? Water? Not for me. Give me a Bordeaux or Barolo to pair with the steak and the meal is complete.

                  2. re: Vinous

                    No problem heading into any of the borough's. I just don't think Lugers' is worth it. I just hate it. (Hates a strong word. I would eat it on your dime.) I am dissaponted that you suggest that the porterhouse is too big for one to eat. You underestimate my eating abilities, after all I am a hound.

                  3. re: angelo04

                    Because the fact of the matter is on S&W's best day it is not as good as Lugers. It is silly to think otherwise.

              2. Enjoyed the prime rib at the S&W grill more than Keens