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Feb 26, 2007 03:29 AM

Toronto CSAs and Organic Deliveries

We're looking into getting produce delivery in Toronto. I've found a number of different companies, all of which seem to do more or less the same thing, so of course, now comes the picking and choosing. Does anyone else have any experience with produce delivery/CSAs? Any recommendations or warnings?

We're looking at FoodShare, Plan B Organics, Wanigan, Front Door Organics, and Organics Delivered. I'm also trying to figure out proportions- it looks like some of them are delivering just a single orange for 2 people, which seems a little, hmm, meager. Perhaps I'm reading things wrong, and they're really measuring in units.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lea

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  1. I'm a local organic farmer, and I'd recommend Plan B above the others. Plan B, while they don't grow all the produce they put in their boxes, is an actual farm. The other companies buy from Pfenning's or directly from local farms, but when you deal with them, you don't necessarily know where your food is coming from each week. Plan B doesn't do home delivery, though, if I'm not mistaken. I think you have to pick up your share at Dufferin Grove.

    1. We have gotten boxes from Front Door Organics and Weekly Organic Wonders (what Wanigan used to be). The WOW box would give you 1 orange and about a bunch of other single servings of things, Front Door Organics gave better amounts of things and I prefered them over WOW. Their customer service is excellent as well and they will credit you/replace items if something is rotten or arrives squashed or bruised. What I didn't like was getting produce from all over the place, such as kale from Texas. I think bioregions need to be factored into organic foods. I think Wanigan has a local box though.
      I love the idea of a CSA but we don't have a car and there don't seem to be any east end depots.

      1. I used to be signed up with Green Earth Organics,, and I was always happy with the quality and service.

        1. I've been signed up with Plan B for the last 4 summers. I've gotten the half-share and there's only two of us at home as well. There's always been more than enough food (some days Alvaro throws a little something extra in just for us ;) and last year we added a fruit box too. I highly recommend their service - but only if you do cook a lot and don't mind repetition. Some weeks in the summer, we have been innundated with so much produce, we either had to give some away or do a lot of cooking and freezing (especially swiss chard soup - yum). I've never gotten the winter box - its just not very convenient for me to pick up all year round, but I make the effort in the summer. I picked up my box at the Dufferin Grove market - I think one can do the same at Riverdale - but you'd have to check with them.
          Good luck!

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          1. Regarding farmers' markets, I heard today that at least two more are in the works for this summer - one at the Wychwood Barns and the other at the Brick Works.