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Feb 26, 2007 01:10 AM

How does Quickly compare to Sweetheart?

Quickly or kuai ke li stores seem to be sprouting, um, quickly.
How do they compare to Sweetheart Cafes? The drinks, the snacks?

The first 4 pictures are taken in Oakland (new, 328 10th St
at Harrison & Webster), and the second 2 are taken near the Mission in San Francisco.

Oakland's 10th street is turning into a restaurant street.

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  1. massive chain with low prices.
    really doesn't hurt to try.
    although the only thing ive ever gotten at sweetheart was their durian drink.

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    1. re: Lynda Vuong

      Yes, I did try the durian "snow" smoothie, and didn't realize it wasn't a boba drink. The whole thing was white, sweet, icy and slightly weak.

      Their snack offerings look cute and enticing. Next time. When I don't forget to stop by before eating somewhere else.

    2. The pictures don't post in the main post.

      Let's try here. (Oakland)

        1. I don't know if you could see it clearly (the 4th picture above), but the menu is delightful.

          Turnip cake $2.99
          Fried dace balls,
          Mixed fruit grass(?) jelly $4.99
          Fried shrimp or
          Cheese sticks $2.99
          Sweet potato fries $2.99
          Homemade French fries $1.99
          Peanut butter waffle or
          Pop dogs $2.99
          Summer hot banana berry snow $3.50
          Watermelon and aloe delight or
          Mango and coconut delight $3.99
          Durian snow $3.99
          Avocado snow
          Papaya milk $3.75

          And here's the menu board on the wall.

          1. I have only been to Quickly once in San Francisco (the one at Castro and Market) and the jasmine green tea with tapioca pearls I had was fine. In general, I find Quickly's boba to be too soft....this is based on Quickly in NYC and San Francisco. I guess this would vary from place to place though.

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            1. re: Dave MP

              Here's their website.

              Perhaps it's worth finding out which ones are better than others.

              1. re: Dave MP

                Having been addicted to boba drinks for quite some time, I find that the batches of tapioca can vary quite a bit, from sweetness to firmness. I found that the Tapioca
                Express green tea, no milk, tasted more tea like and the Quickly was not as good. Snacks vary from store to store as well.