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Feb 26, 2007 12:25 AM

Po Pazzo is Pricey

Went to Po Pazzo in Little Italy Saturday night for the first time. the steaks were recommended as being as good as Donovan's and Ruths' Chris. I ordered the ribeye specialty with special Italian seasoning, after the waiter said it was their specialty. It was an excellend bone-in prime rib steak about 16 ounces. Served ala carte at $38. Perhaps almost comparable to Donovan's or Ruth Chris, but no less expensive for a somewhat less elegant atmosphere and a little more rushed. My wife had a fairly ordinary pasta dish that was good, but hardly worth the $27 price tag. Salads were good, nothing special, and the deserts just so-so. Overall a nice place but overpriced.

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  1. You could have told them the price was "un po' pazzo" (a little crazy).

    Boy are they setting themselves up with that name...

    1. For good food in Little Italy you should try Buon Appetito - I haven't had their steak but the Osso Bucco is amazing and all the pasta dishes are good.

      1. I would second that.I stopped going to Italian places a while ago. Buon Appetito is about the best I've had in SD, although I haven't tried a lot of the restaurants people on this board have recommended. Of the ones I've tried in Little Italy, Buon Appetito is by far the best.