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Feb 25, 2007 10:13 PM

patisseries, bakeries, dessert houses etc.

hi board.

i will be visiting vancouver during the first week of april and would like to know if there are any "famous" patisseries, bakeries, dessert houses in the area? asian desserts, american, french - whichever, or restaurants that serves amazingly great ones? tea service?

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  1. My favourite is the Ganache patisserie -->

    Chocolate Banana cake like you've never had before... Also, like the Tiramisu and their Tartes... All their desserts are very decadent and unique - but then again, I'm a dessert guy so I have a bias toward dessert :-


    You can't really sit down to eat there though - its more of a store-front. Hope that helps...

    1. PAtisserie Lebeau. THey make amazing waffles but only on weekends, and they often sell out by 10 am. THey range from sweet (caramelized apples, chocolate), to savory (gruyere and ham, something wtih a bechamel). They have very French hours though.

      1. Definitely Ganache.

        Notte's Bon Ton Bakery on W Broadway is a Vancouver institution, around since the 1920's. If you're looking for old world European delicacies, it's a treat.


        1. thanks so much for the suggestions!

          1. Senses bakery at 801 West Georgia St. is fantastic. For asian bakeries, I like Anns cake house on Cambie st (although the construction may act as a deterent, unfortunately) and Michele's cake house on W. Boulevard.