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Feb 25, 2007 09:13 PM

Seeking Taco Truck for Event

I'm looking for a taco truck that will actually 'cater' our wedding. I'm having a casual reception in Calistoga and was hoping to get a truck to just hang out for the afternoon at the reception location. There are trucks that cater events in San Francisco that i've been able to locate, however they won't leave the city. Does anyone have any suggestions or contact information of trucks in the Napa area (Calistoga/St. Helena)? I haven't had much luck in my search so far...Thanks!

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  1. I would think the best bet is to get the contact information on a taco truck that you like (it's usually painted on the side of the truck) and either call them or talk to the people directly at the truck.

    I know there's a few trucks in Napa (does Tacos La Playita have the restaurant as well as the truck still?) and Vallejo has even more (I don't have contact info, but I know which ones I like and don't like) who might be willing to go up Highway 29 to cater an event.

    1. Very cool idea. Hope you do find something. I live in SF and can't help unfortunately.

      1. Will you please share what you've learned about all the carts? I have also thought this would be a great idea.

        1. A friend of ours hired the El Toyense (I'm probably butchering that) truck for a party at their house. They parked the truck in their driveway and guests ordered what they wanted throughout the night. It was very cool. One of the El Toyense (sp?) trucks is parked outside of Best Buy on Harrison Street in SF all the time.

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            These are the El Tonayense trucks. There are several of them scattered around this area, with a few on Harrison. I'm not familiar with what they do about "catering" though, or whether or not they will leave San Francisco.

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              For the archive, here's the contact info for El Tonayense,
              Benjamin Santana
              El Tonayense/Tacos Santana catering trucks

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                Do you have the number for that taco truck in Hayward?

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                  Not sure if this will help, but try La Pinata in Hayward. They have 5-6 restautrants in the E. Bay and I know I have seen a taco truck. In Alameda they have a taco bar adjacent to thier restaurant and the taco's are great, the same as what's on the truck. Give them a call and see if they can meet your needs. Good Luck K. Mason

          2. You can try asking any of your favorite taco trucks if they have "taqueros" - those are mobile taco-makers that will cater several meats (you select two or three) and they set up the spread for your event. I used one (from Hayward) for a family picnic - charged $5/pp and was set up for 4 hours. They even gave us the leftover meat, salsas and tortillas when they were done.

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              Do you have the number for the taco truck you used in Hayward, I would like to have them cater our daughter's party in Hayward. Thanks

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                What is the name and number of the "taquero" you used? I'd like to ask them if they coudl cater a party in oakland. Thanks!

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                  OH YES PLEASE! The number for your taquero would be great! I am looking for a cart to come to a party of 25 people in the East Bay. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks!

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                    First, that post was a year ago, and that person may not be reading the board. Second, you may have trouble getting a taco truck to come for a group as small as 25 -- the figure I've heard is that most of them have a $500 minimum.

                    People often ask for recs on this topic but very few ever report back, which is a shame.