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Feb 25, 2007 09:10 PM

New Five Guys opening in Tampa Monday 2/26

On Kennedy, just west of Dale Mabry. I stopped by tonight to see how the construction was going and the manager stepped out and gave me (and a few other passers-by) a free burger & fries as a test run for the staff. According to him they're scheduled to open to the general public Mon 2/26/07.

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  1. i just looked on their website and evidently a new one is also going in at uptown altamonte in altamonte springs - wonder if they're giving out free burgers ;)

    1. Ha! I never even heard of them before, and drove past one an hour ago near The University Mall on Fowler and Bruce B. Downs...

      1. There was a long thread about Five Guys in the Florida forum a couple weeks back. Most people like them a lot. I was underwhelmed by my one experience at the Dr. Phillips (Orlando) location, but I'm a diehard Fuddruckers fan that won't be swayed. Definitely try them at least once if you enjoy a tasty burger.