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Feb 25, 2007 08:10 PM

Date With a Picky Eater- Help!!!

I'm looking for a place to get dinner tomorrow night with a good friend who is on the "golden diet" (chicken, pasta, french fries-- you know the type). She doesn't like spicy food, whereas I am an adventurous eater.
Is there anywhere mildly decent in Porter or Davis Squares that could satisfy both of us (or more her, really)?

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  1. Frank's Steak House, Mass. Ave. between Porter and Harvard Sq.

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    1. re: Gary Grill

      Frank's is actualy beyond Porter Sq. toward Arlington.

      Christopher's right in Porter is okay bar food. She could probably find something at Gargoyle's (may have to leave off an added item to a basic chicken dish or something) and Chez Henri. Also West Side Lounge and Temple Bar.

      1. re: Joanie

        I'd say Christopher's is your best bet, they do American basics very well and add enough flair to some dishes to keep you happy. If your friend's not an adventurous eater Gargoyle's would just be a waste of money.

    2. In Davis, you could try The Joshua Tree. They have a great, interesting beer list and your traditional pub-like food. However, they also have some nice additions to the menu that would please the more.. how shall I say this..interesting diner? Your friend could easily find a grilled chicken sandwich with fries, burgers, or even a stir-fry dish to try.

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        1. There are several options around Davis that should work well for both of you:

          Sagra - the service at this brand new upscale Italian is a little shaky, but the food is very good, with plenty of safe options in addition to some more interesting ones.

          Redbones - loud and lively BBQ joint, with plenty of good plain-ish and/or fried things, very good beer selection.

          Orleans - not exactly my favorite around the Square, but I find the food to be significantly better than at Joshua Tree, and the atmosphere is at least nominally more "datish" than a lot of other nearby options.

          All of these have menus online, so you can so a little advance research to make sure it'll be a good fit:

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