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Feb 25, 2007 07:57 PM


Where's the best Croque Monsieur in the city in your opinion? Preferably a place where I can just go in and just get a Croque, not somewhere where it's considered an appetizer or something.

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  1. The versions are all different, but I like the croque monsieur at Le Gamin, Petite Abeille, La Bonne Soupe, Cafe de Bruxelles.

    1. I'd love to hear a report on this too, because almost everytime I've ordered one I get some open-faced, non-Croque Monsieur sandwich that is very disappointing. That being said, the Croque at Georgia's Bake Shop on 89th and Broadway was very very very good...bechamel sauce and all. You won't be able to resist the pastries either!

      1. I'm a fan of Le Gamin...

        1. The Croque at Fairway Cafe (upstairs from the market) is quite good, complete with bechamel.

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            Is that the new one in Brooklyn? Or is there a cafe at one of the Manhattan stores? (In which case, where have I been?)

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              The Fairway Cafe is at the Broadway location at 74th St.

          2. NO joke -- the croque monsieur/madame at Pastis is UNREAL. They use gruyere as one of the cheeses including bechamel, the top of the cheese is nice and crusty, the bread is dense and the ham is perfect. And it's the size of one's face.