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Favorite tofu dishes?

I have quite a bit of tofu leftover from making pad thai and I am wondering whether anyone has any favorite recipes they would like to share? I almost never cook with it because I don't find it very exciting, maybe someone can change my mind? I need to use it up in the next few days...

Thanks in Advance!


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  1. Miso Glazed Tofu - Easy and yummers!


    Tempeh or Tofu Cutlets.

    White miso paste.

    Maple syrup.

    Mirin (cooking sake).

    Sesame seeds (black and white).

    Lemons or Oranges.

    Sesame oil.

    Jasmine tea bags.

    Green onions.


    Preheat oven to 350.

    Place Tempeh/Tofu in a 2 inch pan or other pyrex container with walled sides, NO cookie sheets. Leave space between cutlets.

    In a mixing bowl, mix 1 part miso paste with 1/2 part maple syrup.

    Add a splash of sesame oil and a splash of mirin.

    Whisk ingredients together into a smoothish consistency and taste. It should be somewhat sweet and not too salty...

    You need enough to be able to spoon a not too thick layer of glaze onto the top of each piece of Tempeh/Tofu with a little left over in the bowl.

    Add tea bags to the bowl with the remaining glaze and add boiling water to the bowl so you now have a 'tea' of Jasmine and miso glaze....

    Ladle this tea into the pan just about 1/2 way up the sides of the Tempeh/Tofu.

    Take care not to disturb the glazed cutlets while ladling.

    This will keep them from drying out.

    Place a very thin slice of lemon or orange on the center of each cutlet and sprinkle the sesame seeds lightly onto each cutlet as a garnish.

    Cover the pan and bake for 30 min...then remove cover and bake for 10 more min or so 'till the glaze looks carmelized and somewhat dry.

    Scatter some finely chopped green onion onto the cutlets just before serving.


    1. Chocolate Mousse Pie by Alton Brown

      1 package of silken tofu
      1/4 cup of coffee liquor (like kahlua)
      12 oz melted chocolate chips (dark, semi-sweet, or milk)
      1 Oreo cookie type crust
      Vanilla Extract
      Honey or super fine sugar for sweetening depending on chocolate used.

      Drain tofu and place in blender and blend until smooth. Add the melted chocolate, liquor, and vanilla, and sweetener if wanted. Blend until smooth and incorporated. Pour into the crust and refridgerate overnight.
      You can eat it without a crust if you want it to be more like mousse but actually more like a pudding. Letting it sit overnight lets flavors meld better. Not really sure though if you can use firm tofu or not. I've never tried, if anyone knows that an other type of tofu other than silken works, I would greatly appreciate the info.

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        I think only silken will work. Silken refers to how it is made, it's the Japanese style tofu. So there are silken firm tofus and silken soft tofus. However, there's also the Chinese style tofu which is "meatier" in texture - often referred to as regular or cake tofu. This would not work for AB's recipe. I'd stick with the silken soft tofu for AB's recipe.

      2. I learned this in a cooking class in Beijing. I frequently make it just to have around.

        Cold Dofu (dofu=tofu)
        The dofu (one standard-size block--about one pound) is cut into ½” cubes and boiled for five minutes to expel the taste of the coagulant. Then it is put aside to drain thoroughly and cool.
        Sprinkle 3 Tbp finely chopped green onions over the dofu, which is spread on a plate, not heaped in a bowl. Mix together ½ tsp. salt and 1 tsp. soy and pour over dofu. Then add 1 tsp. sesame oil and mix again.
        For non-spicy, add a little peanut oil and serve forth.
        For spicy, fry two small dried red chilis and ½ tsp. Sichuan pepper in some peanut oil. Let cool, then pour over dofu. This oil can also be used with cucumbers, etc.
        The oil can also be made with only chilis or only Sichuan pepper.

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          I use a similar tofu recipe that doesn't call for boiling the tofu.

          Shake the same ingredients (chopped green onions, soy sauce & sesame oil) together & pour over the cold tofu for a refreshing tofu salad.

        2. I don't know what this is called but it is so good and ridiculously easy, a family friend who is Japanese taught me this. I have served as appetizer, salad course and as a small lunch at the office.

          slice tofu about 1/2 inch thick, put a slice or two on a small plate, top with ready made pesto, thinly sliced green onions, and douse with soy sauce. I sometimes dot wasabi around the plate, or mix it into soy.

          1. Gingered Greens with Tofu, so delicious! Here's the link:
            Instead of firing up the broiler, I just brown the cubes on the stove.


            Also, Ma Po Tofu is fantastic! Miso Soup is lovely with tofu added also.

            1. Thanks for all the ideas! I like the ginger and citrus flavours that sound like a trend. Keep them coming!


              1. I have no clue how to make it, but ma po tofu/dofu is a really popular recipe in korea, china, and japan. It originated in china and incorporates a lot of different ingredients and looks delicious - I have yet to try it

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                  Once you have all the required ingredients on hand, it is a fairly simple task to prepare this dish. I am particularly fond of the version from Fuchsia Dunlop's Land of Plenty. And if you try and like her style of Sichuan cookery, her cookbook would be a worthwhile purchase.

                  You can find the recipe for her rendition of Ma Po Tofu at the following link:


                  If you use metric measurements, try this link:


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                    Oh that looks really good.. Thanks! I hate that I am a sucker for pictures..


                2. Another easy appetizer, if your tofu is high quality and soft (btw, once opened, you should store it covered in fresh water-- I'd use filtered water, so it doesn't absorb any chemicals your tap water might have, and change the water every day)

                  Poached eggs on tofu:
                  Take blocks of tofu somewhat larger than an egg, drop them into simmering water briefly to heat through. Remove, make sure water is still at a simmer, and drop in an equal number of eggs to poach. Scoop out a little "well" in each block of tofu, just pile the excess over to the side or save for another use. Drop soft poached eggs into wells, top with sliced green onions, sesame seeds, and bonito flakes, and a drizzle of soba tsuyu (a sauce made of fish stock, soy sauce, and sake; you can make it yourself, or buy it already mixed)
                  (Sounds more complicated than it is-- really, it's a 10 minute thing)

                  1. Braised with dried chinese mushrooms -- press out excess water, slice and slow simmer for 45-60 min with soy, sugar, rice wine, dried mushrooms, ginger, garlic and star anise to absorb all the flavors. Serve hot or cold in stir fries or salads in place of meat.

                    1. Freezing is a great option for extra tofu because the thawed tofu, once squeezed of excess moisture, has a nice, meaty texture that holds up well in sautes. I use to cut tofu slabs, drain and sear, then freeze to be ready to make interesting wraps and sandwiches with. Curry tofu and orange tofu are two of my favorites.

                      1. Reply to Sam d.....went to the site for "land of Plenty".....sounds fabulous!...am going to make tonight....thank you!

                        1. Tofu salad, pork tofu(buta dofu), sukiyaki, fried tofu, cold cubed tofu with shoyu,grated ginger and bonito flakes or grated daikon, mabo tofu and miso soup.

                          Tofu salad and sukiyaki recipe have been posted before on Chowhound.

                          Buta Dofu Fast and easy!
                          3/4 lb. pork butt, sliced thinly in bite-sized pieces
                          2T. oil
                          1 carton (19oz.) tofu, drained, 1 inch cubes
                          3 stalks green onions, 1 inch lengths
                          2 slices of brown onion

                          Miso Sauce
                          2T. shiro miso
                          1 piece funyu (fermented soy bean curd) optional but a good flavor
                          3-4 T. shoyu
                          1-3 T. sugar
                          In a heavy skillet or wok, heat oil and stir fry pork. Add tofu, green and brown onions. Combine miso mixture and add evenly over meat and tofu. Cook until tofu is heated, mixing gently. Serve with rice.

                          1. I'm assuming your tofu is probably closer to the firm side than soft since you said you used it for pad thai. So I would suggest a tofu stir-fry with green beans and black bean sauce. All you do is heat a wok with a tablespoon of oil, add a clove of minced garlic and some ginger and then add some fresh green beans. Then add a tablespoon of black bean sauce from the jar (you can find them at most grocery stores in the Asian food section) and then add your tofu in slices. Let the heat blend everything together and then you're set. If you want a bit of gravy, you add a tablespoon of cornstarch with just a bit of water into your dish at the end. This is stir-fry so really you don't need to cook everything that long. It's primarily getting the greens a bit tender and then warming the tofu.

                            1. Quick, easy, and healthy lunch!! Warm Tofu & Zuchinni Sandwiches

                              Igrediants: Tofu, zuchinni, sandwich fixings.

                              Cut zuch lengwise into 1/8 in. thick planks (or thinner). Cut tofu into 1/2 in. thick slabs. Heast a little sesame oil in a non-stick pan, sear zuch. on both sides. Before you pull it from the pan add some soy sauce to the pan, and allow the soy sauce to sear onto the zuch.
                              Repeat the searing process with the tofu slabs.

                              I like to use whole wheat bread, mayo, mustard, lettuce, and tomatoes - make a nice warm sandwich with your choice of ingrediants and the tofu and zuch.

                              1. Panko-fried Tofu.

                                Let tofu sit on paper towels to remove excess outer moisture. Dip in egg; then coat with Japanese style panko bread crumbs. Fry in a bit of oil until the outside is golden brown. Drain excess oil.

                                Serve with chopped green onions & soy sauce (or ajipon, or any other favourite asian dressing). Eat while hot.

                                1. I marinate cubes of it in teriyaki, soy, ginger, garlic, rice wine vinegar and a pinch of hot pepper flake. Roast it in a slow oven until it shrinks and is almost of a chewy consistency. Add chopped water chestnuts, caramelized red onions, a dollop of oyster sauce, fresh lime juice,a splash of chili oil and a heap of cilantro just until heated through. Roll it in iceburg lettuce leaves. Delish.

                                  1. Modified James McNair recipe:
                                    Slice and weigh it down to eliminate excess moisture. Replace water you just pressed out by marinating in combo of miso, mirin, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, chili paste (to taste). Broil till caramelized. Then eat it out of hand, sandwiches, use it in stir fries, fried rice.
                                    Long ago Ming Tsai recipe - I can't recall the ingredients, but there was an appetizer of tofu and chiffonade-d raw spinach with a spicy mayo drizzle, some sesame oil, and black sesame seeds. A showstopper.
                                    Even before then, there was a cookbook called Kathy's Kitchen (I think) - a Hawaiian women with about 17 kids. Loved a recipe which was basically a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with a soy-marinated and pan sauteed tofu steak in the middle.
                                    Love tofu. If only I could get my kids to see the light.