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Salmon recipes needed!

I have a bunch of frozen salmon fillets I'd like to use over the next few weeks. Care to share your favorite recipes?

I often make this Asian Salmon Soup, adding things at the end like bean sprouts, lime or lemon juice, sliced snow peas, etc:


but I'm looking for something new (and simple!) Thanks!

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  1. I'm a big fan of simply baking salmon fillets, slathered with a paste of dijon mustard, pressed garlic, olive oil, chopped thyme, salt and pepper.

    1. my father has always made this amazing dish where he takes a shallow baking dish (after heating the oven to 450 degrees) oils the bottom a bit and places salmon in it. Then he makes clam sauce (you can get a recipe for clam sauce anywhere) and pours it over the top of the salmon and then bakes the whole dish until the salmon is cooked and the clams are a bit crunchy! granish with parsley and VOILA! You can make this with multiple salmon fillets too, so all those frozen fillets will work wonderfully! And you can have left-overs because left-overs are ALMOST BETTER!! :) You can also make this dish with ANY other types of fish, but I think salmon works best!

      1. Not to seem like a copycat but another great one is a Salmon Salad recipe by Ina Garten.
        The next salmon meal you intend to make cook a few extra fillets and then make the salad out of them the next day!


        1. Coat in couscous with a bit of lemon jiuce, salt, pepper, and chopped cilantro. Do in a bit of oil on the stovetop. Don't overcook.

          1. I did a great and really simple thing with salmon recently. I made a quick roasted tomatillo salsa (toss some tomatillos, one or two quarters of an onion, some cloves of garlic and a jalepeno under the broiler until they're a little blackened, then toss in a food processor with some cilantro, lime and salt and pulse), and while that was cooking, I squeezed a bit of lime and sprinkled salt over salmon. Then I seared the salmon for about two minutes on each side and slid it in the oven for about five more minutes. Take out, pour the salsa over the salmon, and you're done! This took about fifteen minutes from start to finish (and honestly, you can take a shortcut and use purchased tomatillo salsa and just warm it up).

            The other salmon recipe that I swear by is to marinate it in a mixture of soy sauce, dijon mustard, brown sugar, garlic, and lemon juice for about thirty minutes, then dry off, sear for a few minutes on each side and finish in a hot oven.

            1. This is a great recipe for Salmon in Red Curry with Basmati Rice and an Asian Slaw. I usually broil or panfry the salmon in winter.

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                I have had a wonderful Thai Salmon Curry very similar, only they added pineapple and fresh green beans to it. I think this recipe would be terrific!

              2. I was just reminded last night of how super this Javanese Roasted Salmon with Wilted Spinach is, hadn't made it in a while, glad I pulled the recipe out:


                I only had 2 - 6 ounce wild salmon fillets last night so I halved the sauce ingredients and you can definitely use olive oil instead of the butter in that recipe!

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                  Similarly, this is a weeknight standby for us:

                  (there are lots of variations too -- search for "glazed salmon"). It takes two minutes to whip up a marinade usually containing miso and soy, always brown sugar, sometimes orange juice, and a few other ingredients. Then broil the salmon. Simple. We like to saute spinach with sliced garlic on the side.

                  1. I have made this quick and easy for Mrs Jfood over the last few weeks.

                    Salmon filets (~6oz) seasoned as desired (avoid salt) with pepper, smoked paprika, and any other seasonings.
                    1 clove of garlic thinly sliced
                    6 brussel sprouts per person
                    Julienned red pepper
                    Thin slices of lemon

                    Pre-heat oven to 400
                    Blanch the Brussel Sprouts, when cooled slice in half the long way
                    Heat saute pan and place about 1 T of EVOO in pan and heat
                    Place half of the sliced garlic in the pan. When slightly browned remove
                    Place salmon filets flesh side down and sear to a crust about 2 minutes
                    Flip the filets
                    Place the brussel sprouts in the pan, cut side down, sprinkle the red pepper slices around, throw the remaining garlic around and top each filet with 1-2 slices of lemon
                    Place in oven and finsish about 3-8 minutes depending on thickness and desired doneness.
                    Remove CAREFULLY from the oven as the pan handle is VERY HOT.

                    1. I made this with salmon: http://www.recipezaar.com/212348. I added sherry, and it really added some good flavor.

                      1. crush up wasabi peas and press them into the salmon. bake at 400 degrees about 6-10 minutes depending on how well done you like the fish. top with a citrus aioli and serve with seaweed salad or sauteed watercress.

                        1. This is my very favorite thing to do with salmon. It is from the Aquavit cookbook.

                          2.5-3 lb. filet if salmon w/ skin on one side- as fresh as possible
                          1/2 c. salt
                          1 c. sugar
                          1 tsp. white pepper
                          large amount of fresh dill chopped

                          wash and pat dry fish. Mix together salt, sugar and pepper. sprinkle skin side of fish with mixture. Place fish in large glass dish and pour the rest of the salt/sugar mixture over the fish, covering it. Then, spinkle mixture with an even coat of chopped dill. Cover and leave in a cool place for 6 hr. After 6 hrs. cover well and leave in fridge for 36 hrs. After 36 hrs., scrape off mixture and dill, slice up and serve.


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                            I have always wanted to try it but am way to chicken.... Can you explain why it is safe maybe? That is... why the marinade cooks the salmon? Can you makeit with previously frozen salmon?


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                              Something does not feel right in the belly to use previously froven fillets.

                              Likewise when I make gravlax i use a whole side.

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                                lol.. yeah that was my instinct too... I guess we will have to wait awhile to try that one then.