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Feb 25, 2007 06:28 PM

Cape Coral

I'm going to be visiting my newly transplanted dad in Cape Coral in a couple of weeks. I know this is a bit broad, but are there any "not to be missed" eating experiences in the area. I'm up for anything; local color, local specialties, excellent anything, regardless of ambiance or price. Thanks for any input.

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  1. Please do a search for Fort Myers or Naples, Florida. In Fort Myers it appears the current standout is Cru, in the Bell Towers complex. In Naples Campiello and several other places near Fifth. Midway between a lot of people recommend Chops or Roy's. A new place has gotten good feedback for high-end dining in the old Peter's La Cuisine space near downtown Ft. Myers.

    1. Not to be missed, Norman Loves Confections in Ft. Myers. To look in their display case is like looking at a work of art. Last weekend was my anniversary and I bought my wife a gift box that was worth every penny.

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        Is this the place that sells the Chocolate Bark? Located in an industrial park sort of storefront?

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          Yep. Their hot chocolate is amazing.

      2. It isn't necessary to cross the river to Fort Myers or make the trek to Naples to find a good meal when staying on the Cape. Rumrunners at Cape Harbour has consistent quality, creative specials and a decent wine list. Ariani's serves Istrian (N Italian,Serbian, Croatian) cuisine and is the successor to Dario's, been around for at least 25 years. The wine list is limited but the cocktails have always been generously poured in our experience. The Twisted Conch has the best crunchy grouper sandwich I've ever had, very casual place with island decor but the food rocks. Del Prado Steakhouse serves Argentinian beef along with Hungarian specialties. Cape Crab & Steak has garlic blue crabs that never disappoint. Try a couple of these local spots, if your concern is good food and not an impressive tab you don't need to cross the river until going back to the airport.

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          Thanks! That's just the kind of response I am looking for. I've been to Rumrunners; it is within walking distance from my fathers house; but I am also really looking for the local, good food kind of places. I am especially interested in the Grouper sandwich at The Twisted Conch. As an aside, other than Grouper, which seems to be everywhere, is there any other regional specialty I might want to try out? Has Cuban food reached Cape Coral?

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            I'd add Cafe Potpourri to the list of local bright spots. Haven't tried it (we're only there once in awhile ourselves) but there is a small, seemingly Cuban diner/restaurant on Cape Coral Parkway - North side of the road, near a store where you can buy/ship citrus fruit. Let us know how your dining experience was in CC.


            nancy C

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              There are loads of cuban restaurants, deli's and bakeries up and down Del Prado just drive and look. Good seafood is to be had out at Sandy Hook, in Matlachat, Northbound on Pine Island Rd.