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Feb 25, 2007 06:12 PM

Palm Springs: Any farmers' markets or CSA?

We are thinking about moving to Palm Springs from NYC, and are having a hard time finding local produce or a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. Does anyone have any information on this? We'd like to avoid having to drive into LA every time we wanted fresh, local produce. We get the best selection in NYC, and would expect to have a similar experience in CA, but that isn't the case-- at least in our limited experience. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. When I have visited Palm Springs in the past there has always been a farmers' market on the main drag every Thursday evening:

    "Palm Springs VillageFest. Vendors, arts and crafts, food, entertainment, and a certified farmers’ market. Every Thurs. except holidays. Palm Canyon Dr. from Baristo Rd. to Amado Rd. 6-10 p.m. Oct.-May; 7-10 p.m. June-Sept. 320-3781."

    The above was taken from the following web site:

    1. Yeah, we went there. It was mostly prepared food and one vendor selling strawberries. And a LOT of schlock! Maybe it gets better later in the season? thanks.

      1. The Palm Springs/Palm Desert area is a produce wasteland. There is a produce market at College of the Desert in Palm Desert on weekends, but the prices seem too high and the produce is not that great. It is a shame since the Coachella Valley produces so much produce, but apparently it is all grown by large producers and shipped out. I did post a request about a year ago on Chowhound asking if anyone knew of any produce markets, but received zip in response. Too bad since I was so used to a great produce market in Costa Mesa before moving to the desert.

        1. Redlands has a farmers market on Thursday evenings. It is about 45 minutes west of Palm Springs on the I-10. In my opinion, it is far better than the Palm Springs Village Fest.

          1. Palm Springs is very lacking in this dept!