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Feb 25, 2007 05:57 PM

Crab Shacks in Del. and Md.

We are looking for good crab joints in the Delaware, Maryland (incl. Eastern Shore) area. Water view a plus.
Thanks, Peter

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  1. Crabs aren't in season locally. What you'll get in winter in the Chesapeake Bay region are shipped up from the Gulf Coast.
    Here's a list of local favorites from Blue Crab, a good source of all things crabby.
    Cantler's in Annapolis can usually be counted on to have local crabs when the season opens again. All of these have water views, none is fancy.

    1. Harris' Crab House is the best crab joint I've been to. It's on the Eastern Shore on Kent Island, with a magnificent view and sunset, and a miniboardwalk (open only during warm months) next to it. It's not a "crab shack" in terms of a run down joint with wooden tables, but it's a nice restaurant that offers outdoor dining on wooden tables, indoor dining high wooden tables with large glass windows for viewing, and rooftop dining. I recommend the latter during warmer months.

      I've been to Cantler's many times, and although the crabs were great there last time, nothing else there impresses me. Also, the view is just a creek and only if you sit outside, and you hope there's no one trying to park their boat while you're dining. It'll be very noisy, with tons of smoke spewing all over your food.

      1. This is a great place for crab cakes - no ambiance though. It is in Timonium, MD. For directions go to:

        They also have good cream of crab soup.

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          G&M is not in Timonium, it is in Linthicum. I agree they have great crab cakes, but the restaurant isn't that nice.

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            The only thing to be wary about with G&M (assuming their stuff is still the same as Timbukti) is that they used a soft flavored filler for their crab cakes. It's tasty to a certain degree, but it makes the crabcake slightly mushy inside.

          2. I think the G& M place is the one I have been too a couple of times. Hammonds Ferry off the ring road. On the few occcasions I have been in that part of the world, I have had crabcakes there, and there are various sizes/quality; but I have always had the lump blue fin crab cake in a sandwich with fries and coleslaw ( enormous meal and way to big). the crab cake is beautifuly seasoned, there is no filler, and its immensely satisfying and tasty.
            I have generally had to get a take-out from the side of the shop as the restaurant insde has been packed on the three occasions I have been there.

            1. If you wait until it warms up, there is a deck on top of L.P. Steamers in Locust Point, Baltimore where you can see the inner harbor. In my opinion they have the best crabs in the area.