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Feb 25, 2007 05:55 PM

30th Birthday in B-more...where, where??

I am hosting a 30th birthday party for my husband in the Baltimore area...I want to stay away from they typical "rent out the bar" type party...can you think of a cool place to take a big group out to dinner or drinks....not Pazo...I'm over that place! :)

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  1. Iggie's in Mt. Vernon lets you rent out the place. Great pizza and you can bring your own wine or I think you can get Spirits to help you out with that.

    Arcos in Fells also lets you rent out the place. Very good Mexican, I think it's a fun/different atmosphere.

    1. After reading the first reply, I'm a little unclear as to if you want to rent out a place or not. In any case, how about Coburn's on O'Donnell, or even Gecko's? Both have 2nd floors which can accommodate large parties, but don't close off the rest of the place to other customers. They may be a bit casual if you're thinking of something like Pazo, though.

      1. Geckos is nice for groups upstairs. could also do Birches, if you want a bit nicer. and of course there is always Little Italy- lots to choose from.

        1. You could try the upstairs portion of Mahaffey's in Canton. It's by far the best beer bar in Baltimore with great pub grub. If you want a tequila/mexican night, you could see if Lime on Fort Avenue in Locust Point/Federal Hill would do something for you, but I would call them first 'cause if you try to do something without their knowledge, they won't have the staff to handle it. They've got over 90 tequila's so that's a little different.

          For my 31st birthday, my wife had an area of Chinatown Cafe on Park Avenue closed off. They allowed us to bring in our own wine/liquor and all of our guests ordered dim sum off the menu. It was a blast and totally different.

          If you gave a little more info of what you were looking for, I could offer other ideas.

          1. Birches is perfect for this.
            had my rehearsal dinner there