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Feb 25, 2007 05:46 PM

Pork Buns near Eagle Rock, CA

Where can we find a good Chinese Style BBQ Pork bun near Eagle Rock, CA? Close would be good!

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  1. Chinatown is just down the road.

    1. Didn't there used to be a mini-chain of "Mami King"s, which did the Philipine equivalent of cha shu bao, around L.A.? I remember one in the Sunset/Fountain mini-mall that houses Nadpob and Saito's, but don't know what happened to the rest...

      1. I know of great places in Chinatown but was kinda hoping for something more in my hood.

        1. If you're just looking for a few (not by the dozen), Famima!! in Pasadena has them. There are two locations - on on Raymond, and the other on Colorado near Paseo. It's a Japanese convenience store, but they have decent pork buns hot and fresh every day.

          1. Also, depending on how particular you are, and depending on how many kinds you're willing to sort through to find one you like, most Asian groceries have three or four kinds of "steam-'em youself", minimum, in their frozen section. 99 Ranch has a big bunch...

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              We have tried most of those but not ben too impressed. Does anyone have a particular brand that they like?

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                I've tried many of the packaged kind and they seriously have about 1 teaspoons worth of filling. I'd say make them yourself (not that difficult) or get them at a resto/Famima.