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Williamsburg Morning grub?

Anyone have suggestions on fantastic breakfast spots in Williamsburg? Considering breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day......hmmm?

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  1. Fada is great if you want steak frites, a basket of pain, a crispy croisant. Relish has great atmosphere. For lovely warm fresh donuts, Aurora. And AquaSanta has a great list of brunch plates that comes with dessert! Yummmm!

    1. in the south part of greenpoint by McCarren park, theres a great brunch place called Enid's

      1. pies and thighs has the best brunch (and some of the best food in general) in the area - catfish and grits, pulled pork hash, biscuits and gravy - though only on saturday and sunday. you can get an egg sandwich on one of their fabulous biscuits during the week, but they don't have the full menu.

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          and don't forget about Pie's N' Thighs Chicken & Waffles! its very good!

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            who could forget? as far as i'm concerned, they can do no wrong.

        2. also, egg -- on n5 around bedford (it's what sparky's is before noon). i haven't been there in a couple of months, but their omelet is full of cheese and their coffee is strong.

          1. I think egg has the best breakfast in the area, but it can be difficult to get into. Others mentioned Enid's and Fada, which are also good choices. I'm generally not a fan of omelettes, but my husband and I recently tried Juliette and the omelette I had was the fluffiest and probably best restaurant omelette I've had. I love the baked eggs at Fabiane's, and Diner always has interesting and tasty specials - I recently had a bowl of smokey pulled pork and a poached egg over grits there that was a real standout (they also have one of the better bloody marys around, if that's your thing).

            If you want to spend a little more, Dressler's Sunday brunch is also really good.

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              Egg is awesome but they don't serve alcohol.. not sure how important a mimosa is to the start of your day.

            2. All really good suggestions! The thing is though, what about breakfast during the week! Im determined to find a early morning go to spot..... I will scour and let everyone know. The one place I do know about is called Williamsburg Cafe. Breakfast served all week. Pretty good but not phenomenal. I miss the southern breakfast where Im from : )

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                hmmm...what about St. Helen's Cafe on Berry? I believe Egg is open during the week also.

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                  "St. Helen's" became "1980" but I believe both are closed at this point.

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                  If you miss southern breakfasts, and if you want a place to go during the week, then definitely run, don't walk, to egg. :)

                3. Egg is better during the week than the weekends, less insane: Mon-Fri: 7am-12pm.

                  1. I like La Gribouille. Delicious french spot off Roebling. Not sure if they're open early though - I've done more of a brunch thing there than breakfast.

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                      Not open at all, in fact. They've closed down.

                    2. I tried Egg yesterday for the first time and was very impressed. Anson Mills grits were un-f'ing believable, and the coffee was nice and strong, served in a french press with the thickest cream I've seen (I accidentally spilled some on the table and napkins couldn't soak it up, it literally just sat in place like a piece of bread). Biscuits were also top notch; thick, light and fluffy with a fresh tasting blackberry jam. I'm not sure how it holds up as a grab-and-go spot, but if I lived nearby I'd definitely make it a point to wake up early at least once a month and have a solid meal before work, since the place is probably a mob-scene during the weekends.

                      1. El Beit, the new coffeshop in the space of the former "Read Cafe" has really tasty breakfast sandwiches. Pre-made goat cheese and grilled fennel, brie and apples, eggsalad with dill kind of fare on sullivan street bread... and cooked on site egg & cheese with fried sage which is one of the tastiest egg n' cheeses i've had (farmers market eggs). All about $5 each.

                        Kasia's... doesn't rise above standard diner fare, but a solid pleasant go-to place with a huge menu

                        I believe Roebling Tea room is open all week, as well as Lodge.

                        Joe's Busy Corner does breakfast sandwiches and buttered rolls in the more old school new york tradition.