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Feb 25, 2007 04:36 PM

Vietnamese pork marinade

Used to have a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant nearby that served a delicious pork dish. The marinade was yummy and a bit sweet. Does anyone have a recipe that might be close?

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  1. Could you expand more on this dish? Vietnamese food uses a lot of pork so it's a bit vague. What cut of pork was it? Was it roasted or seared, etc? Was it served with rice or noodles? If you know this could be really useful in identifying it. Expand more on the flavor too please.

    1. The pork was grilled and on vermicelli. Think I could taste fish sauce, maybe orange juice or other citrus, guessing it may have had 5 spice? It has been several years as the owners were killed in ahead-on collision.It was a bit carmelized after grilling so I am assuming honey or other sugar. It was in slices, so I have no idea what cut of pork it was. My mouth is watering, so any help would be appreciated!

      1. That sounds like Bun Thit Nuong, one of my favorite dishes. This is the closest recipe to what I know. Thit Nuong is sliced and really delicious but there's also Suong Nuong which is basically the same but it's actually a whole chop, albeit a thin piece of one. The important flavoring comes from the grill and the lemongrass. The recipe mentions nuoc cham which basically the marinade that you made, just make sure you make extra not marinaded. The sauce is basically lime juice, sugar, garlic, fish sauce and water, pour this over the vermicelli. I've always had this topped off with sauteed scallions.

        1. Oh I forgot to metnion, no lemongrass in the nuoc cham. Lemongrass is on the pork but not in the nuoc cham. And the marinade for the given recipe calls for chicken seasoning, you could really do without it, I think it's there to replace the MSG.

          1. I THINK THIS IS IT!!!! I am so excited. Thank you so much!

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              What would you use as the "chicken seasoning powder"? Someone mentioned that it might be poultry seasoning, but I don't think that taste is what we are looking for. Could it mean boullion granules, or is it something else?

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                Truthfully, I have no clue what chicken seasoning powder is. I grew up on thit nuong and whenever someone has made it, I've never seen that. Everything else is correct, just ignore that chicken powder.

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                  Yes, I believe it means chicken bouillon. My family doesn't really use it for marinades, but Alice Patis includes it in her chicken marinade for her claypot method:

                  I'm sure you could omit it if you wanted.

                  1. re: Carb Lover

                    I agree. It's chicken bouillon. You can buy Vietnamese brands in asian markets.