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Feb 25, 2007 04:26 PM

good take out in San Diego

I'm getting tired of the run of the mill...sushi or chinese take out...has anyone had any good take out recently that isn't asian??

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  1. Where in San Diego? In PB, Cafe Athena does good takeout. Good food at a decent price.

    1. ooooo...sounds good....i think i walked by that that near the embarcadero?

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      1. If you are in south or central San Diego, a trip to National City will get you great Filipino take-out. I think it counts as Pacific, not Asia. Tita's Kitchenette is a good choice; excellent stews and stir-fries, and good grilled pork and chicken skewers. A two-item combo with rice is $5.50, I believe, and is food enough for two people at lunch.

        Is there a particular type of food or location in San Diego you are looking for?

        1. My takeout rundown:
          Indian - Monsoon in the Gaslamp or Bombay in Hillcrest (same owners)

          Sandwiches - Lefty's in North Park for Chicago-style beef or sausage sammies; Con Pane in Point Loma for traditional sandwiches on freshly baked (in-house!) bread

          Pizza - again, Lefty's

          Thai - Antique Thai in Loma Portal (Rosecrans + Midway)

          Greek - definitely Cafe Athena!

          Moroccan - KousKous in Hillcrest (on 4th between Univ and Wash)

          Cajun/Southern - Chateau Orleans (in North PB) or Gulf Coast Grill (a little pricier but more of a SoCal "fusion" version; on Park just North of Univ)

          Happy take-away!

          1. Punjabi Tandoor and Sitar have good take out (although this is "East Asian" food).

            Dumpling Inn will do orders to go but I've found the food tastes better straight out of the wok, not 20 to 30 minutes later after sweating in the car. (again, this is Chinese...)

            El Cuervo in Hillcrest does orders to go and I think I've seen the same at Mama Testa's.

            I would third Cafe Athena--their stuff is good.