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Vancouver B.C. for 3 days-must eats?

Heading to vancouver for a couple of days and am interested in your suggestions. Specifically, Indian, Caribbean, Sushi, Chinese (however, i am open to anything!).
I am staying downtown, but am willing to drive anywhere...love both fancy places and holes-in the wall...just want the good stuff!
Already on the list of places to consider: Tojo's, Kintaro for ramen, Lolita, Guu, Octopus Garden, Fisherman's Terrace (in Richmond), Vij's, Mondo Gelato...
Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I second Tojos and Vij's for sure! Also a great one is the Sha lin noodle house.


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      Tojo is a total tool. Plenty of other great sushi places that are more deserving and will be more appreciative of your business.

    2. I'd throw these two into the mix, both on Denman and linked to my last summers' reviews.

      Banana Leaf


      1. For hole in the wall, try Legendary Noodles on Main Street (around 26th).

        Stir fried pea shoots + noodle soup = best lunch I can think of.

        1. There is no Caribbean here worth your while.

          1. Go to Cru.
            Award winning wine bar restaurant with a colour coded wine list. Not too fancy, a little bit of hole in the wall appeal (Less than 50 seats)

            1. Try Sun Sui Wah for Dim Sum!

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                YES, it is SUPER tasty, every time I have gone to van over the past few years we make a trip to Sun Sui Wah. SOOOO good.

              2. Chambar Restaurant
                562 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada - (604) 771-502

                  1. Lucky Diner and Salt are my picks!

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                      Great reccomendation!

                      Here is the link:
                      Salt Tasting Room Ltd
                      46 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada (it is in an alley, but don't be scared!
                      )(604) 633-1912

                    2. If you like Thai, Montri's is a must - on Broadway near Alma. By far the best Thai in Vancouver (with Thai Away Home a second choice).

                      1. Must-eats in Vancouver are Chinese, Japanese and Indian. I don't think we do Caribbean well, as far as I know (Toronto is better for that). My picks:
                        Japanese: Tojo's (but Groovin is right, there are sooo many good japanese places -- Nikko, Happa Izakaya on Robson, Guu).
                        Chinese: Szechuan Chongqing, or Shanghai Bistro on Alberni, or Imperial on Burrard, or Victoria on W Georgia. I find Sun Sui Wah okay, but not brilliant, maybe because I prefer Szechuan over Cantonese...
                        Indian: Vij's (or Raga on Broadway for more traditional Indian, and the best butter chicken anywhere).