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Feb 25, 2007 03:56 PM

Food In Londonderry, Ireland?

Will be in Londonderry ireland in the near future. Any good restaurants/pubs? Can be mid priced to upscale...

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  1. I was in Derry a few years ago and had several dreadful meals. I've heard that it's shaped up since but the one memorable meal I did have was in a small town, called Ballykelly. It was a fish and chip shop called Tommy`s Hot Food Bar. I think it was a runner-up for the best fish and chip shop in Britain.

    1. in Derry city there is a place called the Exchange, which isnt bad, although a little expensive for what you get. There is a reasonably good Chinese on the Strand Road- I think it might be called the Madarin house. There is also a upmarket hotel and restaurant just outside the town called the Beechill House.

      I am originally from Co. Derry ( I live in Dublin now) and from past experience its a bit of a culinary wasteland- but things are always changing every time I am home- make sure to ask the locals for advice. Have a nice time- and if you are passing through Dungiven, dont blink, but remember- some people had to grow up here :)