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Feb 25, 2007 03:21 PM

Business Dinner Downtown?

I'm coming to Chicago from New Orleans on business this week, and I'm staying at a Marriot at 165 East Ontario street downtown. I've got to make reservations for dinner Thursday night for four, and hopefully near the hotel.

My past experiences in Chicago include Alinea, which was spectacular, but definitely not what I'm looking for on this occasion. I'd like to eat well, but in a place we can actually talk work.

I'd really appreciate some suggestions. Price is not all that much of an object, as I suppose I'll be reimbursed, but ideally around $125 or less per person for food would be great. I know it's a little late to make reservations for Thursday night, but we can dine early; very early.

Thanks in advance. I freaking love Chicago, and I wish I had more time to spend on this trip. I'm staying over Friday night to have dinner with some friends, and flying out on Saturday afternoon.

This, of course, assumes that the weather allows me to travel in the first place.

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  1. Shaw's crab house is just out the back door of the Marriott, superb seafood. a chain, but always reliable, Houstons is also less than one block. A short cab ride for a truly fine meal is to the Erie Street cafe. Mostly local business diners. Very, very good steaks and seafood. Also a short ride and always good, Eli's Steak House.

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      Eli's The Place For Steak is not "always good" - at least, not since 2005, the year they closed their doors. ;)

    2. Thanks folks, I'll be checking back over the next couple of days.

      I really appreciate the help. I hope anyone coming to New Orleans checks the board there, and please also feel free to email me or check out my website:

      1. According to Metomix, the Houston is closed. Close to your hotel are the following which have gotten good reviews on this site and others.

        Bandera Restaurant - 535 N. Michigan Ave
        Coco Pazzao - 636 N. St Clair St
        Les Nomades 222 E. Ontario

        1. Joe's Stone Crab, although technically a "chain" (and owned by Lettuce Entertain You) is really, really good. It also is right out the back door of the Marriott.

          Houstons and Eli's indeed are both closed.

          1. Thanks again. I've got some good leads now. From their websites, either Coco Pazzo or Les Nomades would work very well, I think.