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Turkey Sausage Recipes?

hi all

i just discovered turkey sausage and actually really enjoy it. does anyone have any good recipes?


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  1. You can use it in tons of stuff. Off the top of my head, the two I can think of are really great pasta sauce, I do turkey sausage and mushroom tomato sauce with a lot of fresh basil, maybe some red wine...also, good in lasagna, good in stuffed peppers...really anywhere you would use regular italian sausage. I agree, though, it's a good discovery.

    1. I looove the Barefoot Contessa's lasagna with turkey sausage.

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        YESSS!! With the goat cheese...and her method for soaking the noodles instead of boiling them, I will never boil again. Really good recipe.

        1. I'm using spicy turkey sausages in a Red Beans and Rice recipe for dinner tonight with a side of sauteed swiss chard. I've used them for sausages & vinegar peppers; actually, I substitute them for pork sausages in just about any recipe. We get ours at either Wild Oats or Whole Foods.

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            You can also add a smoked turkey drumstick to you RB&R for some real nice smokiness.
            I make my own sausage and smoke my own drummers and when I want a really healthy version of it, that's what I use. Other wise it's andouille and a pork hock.


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              Thank you for that tip.... unfortunately I read it too late for last night's dinner, LOL, which turned out very well, if I do say so. I'll try the smoked turkey drumstick in the very near future, I assure you.

          2. So funny, I actually used the sweet Italian turkey sausage last night. I made a "healthy" baked ziti, and threw a few turkey sausages into my sauce with crimini mushrooms, zucchini, spinach and fresh oregano. Delicious, and made my protein craving boyfriend very happy.

            1. I would use it however you'd use it if it were pork sausage. I usually buy ground turkey and make my own sausages.
              I've made Italian style and make stuffed peppers with them. Southern Country (Jimmy Dean) style and have made biscuits and gravy as well as fritatas and breakfast burritos. Breakfast sausage and used them as a side to eggs. Chorizo style and made a version of eggs benny with turkey chorizo and salsa instead of hollandaise. As well as the aforementioned RB&R.


              1. I use it all the time (I don't eat pork). Its good to add turkey sausage to ground turkey for turkey burgers, meatballs, turkey meatloaf, turkey chili (depending on how the turkey sausage is flavored anyway), etc. Turkey sausage hash with poached eggs is a good weekend breakfast.

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                  Would you mind sharing your recipe for the Jimmy Dean style turkey sausage? I have tried but don't have the right combination of spices.

                2. I use turkey sausages to make Giadia DeLaurentis' recipe with broccoli rabe-I take the sausage out of the casing and saute with EVOO and then add tons of chopped garlic, hot pepper and chopped broccoli rabe. I add chicken broth and cook until greens are tender. Toss with orichette...in fact I made this for dinner last night. Sometime I just omit the pasta and eat the greens and sausage.

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                    I second this as well, it's really excellent with Broc rabe...

                  2. I substitute turkey sausages wherever pork sausages are called for. I've made pasta with turkey sausage and kale (or broccoli rabe), sausage stuffed mushrooms, sausage and monkfish in a tomato sauce, sausage and peppers, etc. I love pork, but try to limit my intake.

                    1. Darn it! I thought you were asking how to make the actual turkey sausage. That's what I'd like to know.