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Feb 25, 2007 03:06 PM

Turkey Sausage Recipes?

hi all

i just discovered turkey sausage and actually really enjoy it. does anyone have any good recipes?


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  1. You can use it in tons of stuff. Off the top of my head, the two I can think of are really great pasta sauce, I do turkey sausage and mushroom tomato sauce with a lot of fresh basil, maybe some red wine...also, good in lasagna, good in stuffed peppers...really anywhere you would use regular italian sausage. I agree, though, it's a good discovery.

    1. I looove the Barefoot Contessa's lasagna with turkey sausage.

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      1. re: jules127

        YESSS!! With the goat cheese...and her method for soaking the noodles instead of boiling them, I will never boil again. Really good recipe.

        1. I'm using spicy turkey sausages in a Red Beans and Rice recipe for dinner tonight with a side of sauteed swiss chard. I've used them for sausages & vinegar peppers; actually, I substitute them for pork sausages in just about any recipe. We get ours at either Wild Oats or Whole Foods.

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            You can also add a smoked turkey drumstick to you RB&R for some real nice smokiness.
            I make my own sausage and smoke my own drummers and when I want a really healthy version of it, that's what I use. Other wise it's andouille and a pork hock.


            1. re: Davwud

              Thank you for that tip.... unfortunately I read it too late for last night's dinner, LOL, which turned out very well, if I do say so. I'll try the smoked turkey drumstick in the very near future, I assure you.

          2. So funny, I actually used the sweet Italian turkey sausage last night. I made a "healthy" baked ziti, and threw a few turkey sausages into my sauce with crimini mushrooms, zucchini, spinach and fresh oregano. Delicious, and made my protein craving boyfriend very happy.