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Feb 25, 2007 02:18 PM

Restaurants around 18th and Market? - No BYO

I am in search for a restaurant for my father's 70th birthday: We are looking for a place which is classy and upscale, and it has to have a bar - my dad will want a manhattan. Price limit is around $50-60 pp with alcohol, but not tip. Let me know if you can make some recommendations - I was thinking Le Jardin? But I always draw a blank when location comes into play - I guess I can't visualize exactly where every place I've thought about going is.

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  1. What about Twenty21? I've never been but the menu that is online looks good and its right at 20th and Market.

      1. There is nothing right at 18th & Market, or within one block. There are plenty of places if you can take a cab or walk a few blocks.

        One possibility is Le Castagne, on Chestnut between 19th and 20th. that would only be a couple of blocks away. We haven't been there for a while, but we have friends who like it very much. Full bar.

        Le Jardin, which is supposed to be really bad, would be several blocks away. How close does it need to be?

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          Went to Le Castagne several weeks ago and the food was delicious but the service was unattentive. The waiter would disappear for endless amounts of time, no refills on water, etc. But the food was so good!

          My companion and I actually debated either going to the kitchen to try to find the waiter or just guessing what our bill would be and leaving cash! We couldn't even flag down a waiter for another table!

        2. Davio's is around the corner at 17th and Chestnut. Menu is here:

          1. I would say within a 5 block radius would work. Thank you for all of the suggestions so far, and for steering me away from le jardin.