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Feb 25, 2007 02:10 PM

oh the weather outside is... name your fav delivery places

I decided not to go out today (if you're not in chicago: it's murder out there) but still hunger for interesting chow. are there any places apart from the usual chains that deliver food you'd actually recommend? there seem to be a million pizza and burger joints delivering here but that surely can't be it...

only limit: cost should not exceed $40/person.

I live near union station but I am interested in places all over downtown.

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  1. Can you get Cuatro to deliver?? Triad? Zapatista? They're all in your backyard...Aroma, for Thai food, on Randolph?

    1. Have you checked out the delivery places listed on ?

      1. Naniwa (sushi) is my favorite place that delivers downtown. I also often order from Star of Siam.