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Boston Visit - Need Restaurant Recommendation

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I will be traveling to Boston in a few weeks with the family to take my college son out for a nice dinner. I am looking for a good place, nothing to expensive, open to traditional American, Mexican, Italian food. Will be in the Fenway Park area, and will travel to the North End, or, downtown.

I would appreciate any input. Let me know if a reservation is required.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. My favs in the North End are Artu and Antico Forno. Both take reservations and both have websites. If I want to hop on the "T" to East Boston, then it's Zafferano's. Enjoy your visit with your son! They grow up too fast!

    1. Union Bar & Restaurant in the S. End, Franklin Cafe in the S. End, Casa Romero in Back Bay, Mother Anna's in the N. End, Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq.

      1. Eastie also has Rino's.....
        A great "red sauce heaven" in the absolute sweetest sense and so are the owners.

        1. There are tons of great places in the North End and this might be your best bet for an evening out. All of the places are within walking distance of each other so (as long as it is not a Fri or Sat night) you can probably wander around and see what looks good. Be warned that a lot of the most popular places do not necessarily have the best food - there are a few tourist traps in the neighborhood that are not worth the time or money.

          Good options (reliable and generally well regarded) include Sage (one of the best, IMHO), Mama Maria's, Artu, and Taranta. But there are plenty of others and I'm sure a search on North End on this board will turn up a bunch of yummy options.

          1. For Italian food North End, Lucca is an option Eclano, Sage is great. For Mexican food Tu y Yo in Powder House square in Somerville is the best. Fenway Park area there is also Eastern Standard, Great Bay, Petit Robert.

            1. By "traditional American, Mexican, Italian" do you mean, for instance, traditional Italian or traditional Italian-American? There has been a good deal of buzz in this group in the past about a place called Trattoria Toscana which is actually in the Fenway area and serves up real deal Tuscan cuisine, by the sound of it. I have been itching to go, but without a car it's something of a pain to get to; you might want to investigate if you can get there easily. 130 Jersey St., 617-247-9508.

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                I have been to Trattoria Toscana a few times and really enjoyed it each time - very yummy pasta dishes. It also definitely fits the "not to expensive" qualification better than some of the restaurants listed above. It is about a 10 minute walk from the Fenway park area. If you are planning to go on a weekend, I would definitely call ahead to see if you can make a reservation as otherwise there is likely a significant wait. On a weekday, calling would not hurt, but at least when I went on a Tuesday in November it was not necessary.