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Tri Express

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Has anyone tried this restaurant on Laurier started by the former Sushi chef from Koji Kaizen?

Just saw him interviewed on Di Satsio and the food looked great.

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  1. No, but the sushi restaurant at Bernard and Parc is pretty good.

    1. Yes, I've been there a few times (Though it's been a couple of months). Good quality sushi, small and charmming space, good for takeout.

      1. It's high quality but definitely not traditional (fruit and cinnamon in some of the maki, for example; not my cup of tea). Not the cheapest but pretty good QPR.

        1. I really enjoyed it. I would agree that the options are unique, but everything I tried was good. Only three tables, so you may need to get your sushi to go.

          1. I decide to try it out this past Thursday.

            I went during lunch hour and it was packed.

            Filled with a few regulars and many that had seen the place on a recent episode of Di Stasio.

            Lucky I had called ahead and reserved a table.

            The place is very small with six tables and a quaint d├ęcor.

            The menu is quite extensive and I found the prices in keeping with similar establishments.

            My guest and I chose the $41 Omakase 5 course Menu.

            Tri decides what you are going to eat and we were glad we put our fate in his hands.

            Sashimi, Sushi, Grilled Vivaneau etc

            Each course getting better left us wanting to return.

            What amazed me was the artistry of the plates and the freshest fish I have ever had in Montreal.

            The place has a real pleasant vibe, great food and Tri is a gracious host, I will definitely go back.

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              Tried it at the last minute this evening.

              We went in at 6 and were not expecting it to be full house !!! well, it was plus more take-out on the go.

              We didn't really wanted to choose and did not want to spend too much time there, so we ordered the simple omakase.

              Everything was tasteful, the fish for the sushi was good and tasty, the rolls were nice, and not too big or full of ingredients.

              will go back.

            2. Ate there tonight. an interesting selection of sushi. I particularly liked the scallop sushi. But I found some of the maki a little busy, but still tasty. The tuna "Salad" (essentially tuna tataki with "Tri sauce" sauce) was lovely. And I was pleasantly surprised by the miso soup, which was very flavourful and had some nice garnishes including enoki mushrooms. I would definitely go back.

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                what are some of the more interesting dishes? there seems to be missing an element of adventure from mtl sushi.

              2. I was there for dinner and I saw a lot of things I did not want for a decent and well trained sushi chef to do. His nails were dirty. Cutting board was not washed at all. There was a piece of tuna lying on that cutting board all the time I was there. He keeps a towel on the cutting board. He counted money while he was handling sushi. These are all taboos for well trainded Japanese sushi chefs, since they know how dangerous raw fish could be when contaminated, especially when it gets hot