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Feb 25, 2007 01:49 PM


recently had a terrible experience at poleng...was it just a bad night or is it a bad place? any thoughts?

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  1. Reports have been all over the map. Use the search.

    1. horrible experience, won't go back

      1. i have eaten here 4x with the intent of trying everything on the menu. i have yet to have anything less than a stellar experience all around... food, service, atmosphere. i love the food; best black cod i've ever tasted and the grilled edamame is addicting. i think it's a bargain for all the flavors you get in one dining experience. the only negatives i can think of is that i'm not crazy about the cocktails and i wish it was open for lunch. So... I urge you to try again.

        1. I had a really good meal--ambitious, not perfect, but very impressive in early December. We were surprised at how much we liked it.

          Oddly, the tea was disappointing. Suspect you need to be there when the lead chef is on.

          1. My first visit around 6 months ago was pretty good; my last visit 3 months ago was less good.

            The menu was identical, the food wasn't as good as it had been before, and the service was poor. I think after they got their 3 stars from Bauer, they tried to freeze everything. It's worked from a business perspective because they can still coast on the 3 stars but for people who live in the neighborhood and would otherwise be repeat customers, it doesn't work.

            If anyone has been recently and there's a new menu, pipe up. What I remember includes things like coconut toasts with marrow, crispy fried green beans, triangles of deep fried tofu, pork belly, and garlic crab noodles (in crab season).

            It was almost comical how bad the host was; we walked in a few minutes before they officially open, only to be rudely told they weren't open (the door was unlocked, lights on, no closed sign in evidence). We said we'd come back in 20 minutes when they were open and the host said that would be great. 20 minutes later, he didn't recognize us and asked if we had a reservation, which of course we didn't. He said we could sit at the bar, so we did. Then a waiter sat down a few chairs to our left, which broke up the remaining chairs into groups of 2 or 3 spread along the bar. A party of 4 walked in shortly after that, but were asked to sit at the bar; when the host realized there weren't 4 contiguous seats he asked/told us to move down a few seats, but the way he said it made the party of 4 just turn around and walk out. By the time we finished dinner, both a table for 2 and a table of 4 that had been available from the moment we arrived to the moment we left were still empty. Throughout this little comedy, we had trouble getting the bartender's attention even though there were very few people eating at the bar. It would have been nice to knock back a few more and focus on the drinks and conversation instead of the food and service.