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And the best sweet bean paste baked treats are?

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I love anything with sweet beans or sweet bean paste. Especially if it's baked.

What are your faves, and where are they from? I am especially interested in places in the SFV, but LA and SGV places are fine, too.

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  1. I like it swirled into a loaf of sweet bread.

    1. if you're talking about red bean paste then u'd be in heaven at most korean bakeries.

      there are usualyl some around your local korean supermarket

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        I know that..also chinese bakeries...what I'm asking are what are your particualr favorite treats, and which bakery in particular do you get them from?

      2. I agree with frank828 - korean bakeries have lots of pastries with sweet red bean paste. My favorite place is the bakery in the Koreatown Galleria -

        3250 W Olympic Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90006

        they have two kinds of sweet red bean buns - one with a more paste-like filling, which is flatter in appearance, and one that has actual beans incorporated into the paste, which is more ball-shaped. sometimes they have red bean paste donuts, with granulated sugar sprinkled on top - they're heavy, dense and really satisfying.
        I love mochi that has lots of red bean filling and only a thin skin on the outside, but they're hard to find.
        you can find cans of sweet red bean paste in most Asian markets. I baked a green tea layer cake for my dad's birthday using the red bean paste as the filling. it's also good with vanilla ice cream, and to be honest, I eat it by the spoonful sometimes.. :)

        1. The 99 Ranch Market on Sepulveda at Victory has red bean paste buns in the bakery section. I'm pretty sure they are baked fresh daily. I buy them occasionally and I like 'em.

          1. Do they have to be "baked"? Mission 261 has these incredible red bean fritters during dim sum.

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            1. Once in a while, our local 99 Ranch will set up a small stand inside, where someone will be making fresh, hot cakes using a large, circular iron cast -- she puts the dough into a small circular mold, puts either vanilla or red bean paste on it, then tops it with more dough. I don't know what it's called...but it's ready in 2 minutes, plucked out with a toothpick. It's like a small, 2-inch pancake, with red bean in it!

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                There is one of those stationed permanently outside of Hawai'i Supermarket in SGV (at SE corner of Del Mar and Valley). The aroma from the hot porthole skillet is addictive.

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                  That's the place that I would have suggested. Impossible to walk past without ordering some of these.

              2. Phoenix (the one next to Din Tai Fung) in Arcadia had a few treats with red bean, including red bean gelatin and sweet red bean soup, plus...? Those are the ones we tried. Then there's J.J. Bakery across the parking lot which also had red bean confections and desserts.

                1. Anko-filled IMAGAWAYAKI at Mitsuru Cafe in Japanese Village Plaza in J-Town are indescribably good if you get 'em right out of the copper griddle. The prep and final product here is superior to the similar sweet bean pancakes available in the SGV.