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Feb 25, 2007 01:27 PM

And the best sweet bean paste baked treats are?

I love anything with sweet beans or sweet bean paste. Especially if it's baked.

What are your faves, and where are they from? I am especially interested in places in the SFV, but LA and SGV places are fine, too.

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  1. I like it swirled into a loaf of sweet bread.

    1. if you're talking about red bean paste then u'd be in heaven at most korean bakeries.

      there are usualyl some around your local korean supermarket

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        I know that..also chinese bakeries...what I'm asking are what are your particualr favorite treats, and which bakery in particular do you get them from?

      2. I agree with frank828 - korean bakeries have lots of pastries with sweet red bean paste. My favorite place is the bakery in the Koreatown Galleria -

        3250 W Olympic Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90006

        they have two kinds of sweet red bean buns - one with a more paste-like filling, which is flatter in appearance, and one that has actual beans incorporated into the paste, which is more ball-shaped. sometimes they have red bean paste donuts, with granulated sugar sprinkled on top - they're heavy, dense and really satisfying.
        I love mochi that has lots of red bean filling and only a thin skin on the outside, but they're hard to find.
        you can find cans of sweet red bean paste in most Asian markets. I baked a green tea layer cake for my dad's birthday using the red bean paste as the filling. it's also good with vanilla ice cream, and to be honest, I eat it by the spoonful sometimes.. :)

        1. The 99 Ranch Market on Sepulveda at Victory has red bean paste buns in the bakery section. I'm pretty sure they are baked fresh daily. I buy them occasionally and I like 'em.

          1. Do they have to be "baked"? Mission 261 has these incredible red bean fritters during dim sum.

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