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Feb 25, 2007 12:59 PM

Restaurants in/close to Herndon, VA?

I'm visiting Herndon (sp?), VA and the DC area this coming up week and would like to know of some tasty, rather inexpensive restaurants in the area.


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  1. One of my favorites is SBC cafe. The address is 2501 McNair Farms Rd. (Centreville Rd.), Herndon, VA 20170.

    1. Herndon born and bred, here are my suggestions of affordable but yummy places:

      First and foremost, Tortilla Factory--some of the best Mexican I've ever eaten
      - Hard Times (chili/all american, very affordable)
      - Clyde's in Reston (little pricier)
      - Ice House Cafe (again, pricier but sooo good)
      - Amphora's Diner
      All in Herndon minus Clyde's.

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      1. re: tinatuna16

        here's a couple more:

        Jimmy's Old Town Tavern: very good bar food
        Thai Luang: esp. if you like your Thai food on the spicy side

      2. I second tinatuna's list and add: EuroBistro (Elden Street), Pollo Inka (Elden Street), San Vito's (Franklin Farm), and Five Guys.

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        1. re: Meg

          Forgot to mention Hama Sushi in the clock tower complex on Centreville Road

          1. re: Meg

            Do you know if this joint is authentic Japanese owned?

            Also, I've eaten once at the Tortilla Factory...not impressed.

            1. re: Chownut

              No, Hama and about all other Japanese places in the area are Korean owned. Which is fine, since sushi was originally from Korea. Only Japanese owned in the DC area I know of are Temari (Rockville) and Chez Mama San (Georgetown)

              1. re: meimei

                Oh, there are many japanese owned sushi joints in the DC area

                Sushi Ko
                Kaz Sushi Bistro
                Sushi Taro
                Tono Sushi
                Cafe Japone


                Tako Grill

                1. re: Chownut

                  I dont agree either. I lived in Japan for many years. Tachibana is authentic Japanese owned and operated in No. Va. The rest, a close imitation at best...sorry! Korean food is nowhere close to Japanese especially the Tempura batter.

              2. re: Chownut

                Besides Tachibana in McLean, less than 5% of "Japanese" restaurants are authentic Japanese. Most are Korean and the food is not the same for those who know asian food. There is an authentic Japanese restaurant and Steak house in Columbia, Md off Snowden River and Broken Landing by the Five guys pizza place and another one off Rte 28 near Chantilly, Centerville, Va also.

          2. Second Euro Bistro, Pollo Inka, and Jimmy's - especially for a Friday fish fry.

            Charcoal Kebab in the K-Mart shopping center is also good (this is also where Hard Times and many other great finds are located).

            Tarin Thai is the other good thai in Herndon - do NOT go to the one in the clocktower or the one near Charcoal Kebab. The one near Euro Bistro is okay, but nothing to crow about.

            For eats, generally skip Reston town center.

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            1. re: Dennis S

              Umm... what's wrong with Reston TC for food?

              1. re: trancemission

                With all the other choices in the area, I can easily get more local flavor than any of the chains. Sure, I go to some of them a few times a year (Mc & S, Paolo's, Rio), but if someone is visiting and wants to find very local fare, then there are better choices. Cafe Montmarte at Lake Anne, El Manantial in Tall Oaks, any of the more authentic mexican, such as the taco truck on Rt 7, Lakeside Cafe in Lake Anne or the place in the Sterling clocktower (to name only three) seem more houndish than the near equivalents in TC.

                Perhaps there's not a match for McCormick, I'll concede - though on the OP's request for inexpensive, that might cancel it out anyway.

              2. re: Dennis S

                I agree with the Town Center comment. Although M&S Grill is OK on occasion and I actually don't mind Wrap Works. Its nice to sit outside in the sun sometimes.

                1. re: Dennis S

                  Also, try Teocalli Tamale on Elden St.

                2. I'd also categorize the Tortilla Factory as no huge chowfind. On the other hand, Teocalli Tamale is one. I'm not sure which take on Mexican they serve (California, perhaps) but they make stuff fresh daily and their Mike's Mexolina brisket is wonderful, as is the corn salsa.

                  For sushi, we like Yoko, which is, like most places in the region, Korean-owned.

                  Pollo Inka is also very good. SBC Cafe is probably more moderate than inexpensive, but we love the place. For lunch, Minerva in the clocktower does a pretty good Indian buffet.