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Feb 25, 2007 12:58 PM

organic meat in toronto restaurant?

do you know of any restaurants in toronto that serve a few organic meat dishes? i'm not looking for anything super-spartan and puritan, just some good dining with organic ingredients. ideas??

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  1. I've heard that Banu on Queen W gets its organic meat from the Healthy Butcher up the street, and the Niagara Street Cafe serves 'naturally raised' meats. I've noticed that several places around town have Cumbrae's steaks on their menus, which (I think?) come from 'naturally raised' cattle.

    The last time I was at the Healthy Butcher they had a list of restaurants serving their meats listed on a blackboard behind the cash. I don't recall exactly which places were on it, but you might want to shoot them an email for a list.

    I know this wasn't part of your question, but for home cooking, Fresh From the Farm ( sells meat that isn't certified organic but is humanely raised by Mennonite farmers near Kitchener-Waterloo. Their meats are quite good in my experience, and often considerably cheaper than certified organics.

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      Just checked out their website -- their stuff looks great! Homemade cheeses as well as local produce, too. And they have all cuts of meat.

    2. Edward Levesque gets their meat from Cumbrae's.

      1. organic is growing to be much more common and some restaurants have reached the point where they actually don't even mention it on the menu. you may just want to call some of your favourite nicer restaurants and they ought to be able to tell you.

        case in point, a friend decided to give up beef due to the whole concept of mad cow disease (cows eating cows specifically) and i pointed out to him that organic meat should satisfy his worries. when we were out at czehoski, they didn't have it listed specifically... but after an assumption on my part (a little because of the cost of the cut) and a question to our waitress we found out it was cumbrae's.

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          cumbrae's is naturally raised, not organic.
          there is a difference between organic and naturally raised.

        2. went to banu, it's great!

          1. It's getting to the point where it's rare for meat NOT to be organic in restaurants. Hell, even my local pub (Rhino at Queen & Dufferin) uses organic beef for their burger now - and it's still the same price ($6.50) that it was before.

            Of course, they refuse to do it rare, so you generally end up with something resembling a hockey puck on a bun, but it's the thought that counts, I guess...

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              years ago, a guy i knew who worked at a Keg told me their beef is grain fed- but that they pump the cows full of antibiotics. i wonder if that's changed- seeing as the keg is a major meat restaurant chain. anyone know?

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                excuse me miss, most beef produced here is grain/corn fed. It's the grass-fed beef that is desirable and harder to find.