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Feb 25, 2007 12:50 PM

Dining alone in Manhattan

Will be in NYC for 3 days on my own and looking for dinner recommendations. No real budget in mind though I'm looking for something with decent food and interesting atmosphere ... would love to people watch. Have read lots about Gramercy Tavern and Gotham Bar & Grill. Any other recos?

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  1. Look for the best restaurants with full bar/lounge areas. In fact, The Gotham Bar and Grill is superb . . . period . . but the bar area itself is especially nice if you're dining alone. Suggest, however, that you arrive early in the evening for drinks and then "ease" your way into dinner. Another wonderful place (and considerably less expensive) for this is Union Square Cafe. You might also consider "57" which is the less-formal Robuchon affiliate in the Four Seasons Hotel on 57th Street (not the Four Seasons Restaurant). Although this is a sit-down restaurant (perfectly fine for one), it is adjacent to a really beautiful lounge area where great cocktails can be had prior to dining.

    Otherwise, there are many places that would serve you well as a lone diner in Manhattan -- I've been doing it for years! Decide where you want to go and just DO it.

    Good luck . . . and enjoy!

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      Thanks so much for the suggestions ... good to know about Union Square Cafe as well since that was on my potential list as well. I was already quite looking forward to the trip but now I'm also looking forward to dining on my own ... thanks!

    2. funny read a this week that gramercy has lost af ew miles per hour on its fastball. they've changed chefs. i have always loved it though.

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        I was not a fan of Gramercy Tavern because none of the meal I had there ever excited me, and the last tasting dinner we had was really mediocre. However, when Chef Michael Anthony took over in October, I decided I would give it another chance. We waited until his own menu was in place, then had dinner in the Tavern Room a few weeks ago. The food was delicious. Solo diners can eat at the bar there. I'm now looking forward to having dinner in the main dining room.

      2. Sushi Yasuda or any of the other great sushi bars are the best places to dine alone and watch (or even meet) people.

        1. Sushi Bar is a great idea ... somehow sushi never comes to mind when I think of dining in NYC but I've heard good things about this place ... thanks!

          1. If you are also particularly into wine, dinner at the bar at Veritas is lovely. The cafe at Aquavit is also comfortable on one's own.

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              I don't drink wine, but I love Chef Scott Bryan's style of cooking, so I go to Veritas specifically for the food.