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Feb 25, 2007 12:46 PM

Need help with appetizer presentation!

Help Help Help! I'm having a swanky dinner party and one of the appetizers I've chosen is marinated shrimp. I've made these a hundred times and I usually just plop them in a bowl, but I'd like to do some thing prettier this time.

I 'm really not a visual person, so my presentations usually lean more toward the appalling than the appealing.

Any ideas?

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  1. Growing up cooking Japanese, we paid a lot of (but not obsessive) attention to presentation. Shrimp are easy because of their crustaceous form and bright color when cooked. Here, I go outside to get a ginger or small banana leaf and some ferns. Just some touches of green with the shrimp on their sides in a circle or in a curved fan--with heads and feet all pointing in the same general direction would work. For touches of green you can use curly endive, carefully cut green onion, cilantro or any other that is avialable and appealing. If the shimp are not served in a liquid marinade, they can be placed on a bed of green. If served with a marinade or sauce, get all arranged and drizzle the liquid on last in a sort of squeeze bottle hoyty-toyty way.

    1. Beautiful vision and description Sam, TY.

      What size shrimp, shannon? That usually is the how much I fuss factor for me.

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        I usually use medium size (what is it? 26-30?), although I may go bigger with this one for the wow factor.

      2. Skewered if hot
        If cold how about around the rim of a martini glass with crushed ice and maybe lemon wedges.

        1. If your shrimp are best very chilled, then how about the Martha Stewart ice bowl seen and described below? Has anyone out there tried this before? Does it really work?!


          If your shrimp are better at room temp., then laying them on a white platter on top of a dark green banana leaf would be pretty and simple.

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            I did an Ice bucket literally made of ice like that once. It had roses in it. It worked wonderfully. I can't remember for the life of me how I did it! But it was spectacular!

          2. Well, with that size, I would present them on a cucumber slice, with a dab of the marinade on top. Perhaps a dill sprig or a chopped bit of tomato on top as garnish.