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Feb 25, 2007 12:16 PM

Breakfast at Blair's in Silver Lake

Sunday at 9:30 a.m., we were one of the only ones in there.

The service is outstanding when you’re the only ones. I hope it’s like that when they’re full, too.

The coffee is good and served in cups large enough to enjoy without constantly looking for a refill.

The breakfast menu is small, basically eggs, yogurt with fruit, granola, eggs benedict and oatmeal. There are also a number of pastries like sticky buns, etc.

The oatmeal with barley and dried fruit is the best oatmeal I can ever remember having. It’s creamy, but the barley adds a wonderful chewy texture to it. The dried fruit adds just enough sweetness to keep it interesting without overpowering the dish. Simply outstanding.

The eggs benedict are served over a thick equivalent of an English muffin, but it’s not an English muffin. It looks like it would be hard to cut and difficult to eat, but it’s quite fresh and easy to work with. The ham is thin and smoked. The eggs are poached and covered with a nice hollandaise sauce. The nice twist here is that there is arugula between the muffin and the ham. This bitterness gives the dish so much more balance, and keeps it interesting until the end. Another winner.

Overall, this was a delightful breakfast, and came in at $23 before tip.

Blair’s Restaurant
2903 Rowena (across the street from the Coffee Table)
Silver Lake
(323) 660-1882

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  1. Service really suffers when it's full. I used to be a waitress so I'm very forgiving but once more customers started coming into the place most of the tables were quickly forgotten - it just took too long to get our table cleared, get our check, and then get the credit card slip. But, I like the place so much I'm going back next weekend with a group of people but much earlier in the morn.

    1. Service in the a.m. can be a nightmare - especially if the single male waiter is there. The owner was there this a.m. trying to oversee service - it really needs to be tuned up BIG TIME!
      I stop often in the a.m. because it's close to home, and on several occasions parties have gotten up and left before even being served (and the place was far from being full each time)! Food is good if you can stand the slacker service.

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      1. re: mrpullings

        We had two female servers on a Sunday morning and they were simply outstanding.

      2. for breakfast i love blu jam cafe on melrose. they serve the best cup of bottomless organic coffee i can remember having--and i have some kind of coffee everyday.

        best is having breakfast there on a sunday when meters are free. good food. good service. solid prices. it's my little secret spot. love it.

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        1. re: mommycat

          Well, Blairs has no meters nearby, and serves Intelligentsia coffee products, so neither of those issues should be of concern at Blairs. The food is worth the wait, and on some days it can be longer than you might think, yet the male waiter served me very promptly on the one day he waited on me. Service may also hinge on the kitchen's ability to prepare the food, not the waiter's inattention - who really knows!

        2. Sounds like they might be shorthanded at Blair's. There's a craigslist posting for a general manager and wine buyer. Perhaps it will get better once the transition has completed.

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          1. I went back since posting above. I was really looking forward to it and brought some friends. The place was nearly empty from 10 am to 11 am and we still got bad service (also, some of the food was off and in the case of my spinach, it should have never been served).

            Like I said above, I'm very forgiving of slow service but some things I find unacceptable: after we received our food, we had to wait three minutes to get utensils and the people who ordered pancakes had to wait an additional time to get their butter and syrup. I can understand waiting for a request that is unexpected but the necessities should have been on the table or delivered with the food. And we were one of three tables in the place.


            1. I went back on a Friday morning at 7:45. There was only one other customer in there, and service was perfect. There was one girl serving. Food was good, again.

            2. I was at Blair's for brunch this weekend - the timing of the service was fine but our waitress had the sourest disposition - it really affected our meal. At first we wondered if it was personal, but I never saw her crack a smile at any other table or when talking to the other staff. We were hypothesizing whether she had had some personal tragedy - otherwise we couldn't figure out why she seemed so upset. Our orders were messed up in multiple ways, but she did ask how the food was, and we told her some of the issues and she did her best to ammend them, and also took our coffees off the bill.

              As for the food, none of us were impressed, and combined with the unwelcoming ambience I don't think any of us will return for breakfast. I had the eggs benedict, the best dish on our table - it was satasfying but I thought the ham was very thick and overpowering - I couldn't taste the arugula. We sat speculating on how a place that does a pretty decent job with dinner misses the mark so much on breakfast. We thought maybe the place looses some charm in daylight - the walls seem really bare.