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Feb 25, 2007 12:06 PM

Where's the best market to buy big shrimp?

I want to make really good shrimp cocktail with BIG shrimp. Andronico's used to have some. Bryan's are not really big enough and I've tried them all at Whole Foods and don't like them. I want them shell on and I'll clean them. Thanks.

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  1. The big Asian markets (Ranch 99, Lion, etc.) are usually the best place to buy most seafood.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Yep, especially if one wants them shell on and is willing to clean them. Then buy live shrimp at the big markets or Oakland or SF Chinatowns.

    2. Also the new Manilla Market on Mission near Silver Ave. Not live, but a good variety of heads-on shrimp and prawns.

      1. Sincere Seafood in the Housewives Market in Old Oakland.

        1. I've just visited Manila Oriental Market, 4175 Mission Street, San Francisco. They are only a few months old, worth checking out.

          Here are my pictures of their seafood.

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            Thanks for the photos. The one on the right of all the whole fish looks INCREDIBLE. I can picture it blown up on a poster; I'd love to have a copy. You really should submit it to some photo contest!!

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              Well, thank you, walker, but really - we should all thank the digital camera.
              Here's a clearer image of the same picture.

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                Gorgeous. I only have a black and white laser printer so a copy wd not do it justice. I've shown it to others and they agree it's really special.

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                  Manila Oriental Market
                  4175 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

            2. I love the fish picture too. I saved it to my My Pictures file. Looks like something in a stock art collection. Thanks for sharing. Pacific Snapper, I presume?

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                I like the shrimp they sell at Costco (not the prepackaged stuff) or Toyko Fish Marketing in Albany.