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Feb 25, 2007 11:20 AM

Grand Chau Chow

I went to Grand Chau Chow in Chinatown last night. The food was very mediocre and the atmosphere was just as bad. I asked for no vegetables in my kung pao beef because I was afraid there would be too much vegetables. The waiter refused, and just as I expected, it was loaded with water chestnuts. Barely any beef.

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  1. I've been going to Chau Chow for years, starting when it was across Beech st in a place a third of it's present size. It's my favorite for Hong Kong style Chinese food, best for seafood. Over the past 25 years I've had maybe one or two meals that I thought were not excellent. But that's pretty good for that span of time. Try it again, maybe you'll have a better meal.

    1. You might also consider a different ordering strategy considering Grand Chau Chow's strengths.


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          Well, frankly, I rarely go to GCC, CCC, China Pearl, or any of the other Cantonese places, except for dim sum. I guess my preferences lean towards Taiwanese & Sichuan when it comes to Chinese food. But, on the occasions that I do go, I order lots of seafood in lighter sauces, simple veggie dishes, salt & pepper fried anything, and noodle and/or wonton soups. I definitely would not order Kung Pao or any other Sichuan dish.


      1. I find a lot of the tea houses, are only ok for the dinner. I think there are a lot better options in other Chinatown restaurants with more specialties. I also think ordering more traditional Chinese menu items (Cantonese or Southern Chinese specialties) would yield better results.

        1. I believe the seafood and noodle dishes are the best. Vegetible dishes are pretty good too. I love the stir fried chinese bean pods and chinese water cress. Stewed bean curd is one of my favorite dishes there, as is spicey salted squid and squid in black bean sauce. I guess what appeals to me is that they are very simple, well prepared and nourishing.

          1. I heard that the New Golden Gate is the most popular place for dinner now.

            I tried it once and it was above average. I saw people ordering steamer which is not that common for Chinses restaurant.