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Feb 25, 2007 11:16 AM

Londoner WLTM memorable breakfast

Visiting New York for the first time this weekend (2/3/4 March - excited) - can someone recommend a good breakfast place for each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Staying at the TriBeCa Grand - happy to travel. Thanks!

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  1. Friday, before it gets weekend crazy - Barney Greengrass on 86th and Amsterdam. Try the eggs and nova with a bialy....real New York experience.

    1. In your immediate area:

      Kitchenette on Chambers and W. Bway

      Bubby's on Hudson and N. Moore

      Other favorites are:

      Barney Greengrass for Sturgeon and Bagel on the Upper Westside
      Essa Bagel for the best bagels
      Jane for a good brunch
      Bouchon Bakery for brunch

      Enjoy your trip!

      1. Thanks both - maybe Barney Greengrass as you've both mentioned it. Tempted by Prune, seen some mixed reviews online - but it was highlighted in a UK food magazine 'olive' as a good place to try.

        1. From one Londoner to another:

          Upstairs at Bouley (130 West Broadway @ Duane; for Saturday or Sunday. They start serving at 11am. New American.

          Blaue Gans (139 Duane Street between Church and West Broadway; Starts serving at 8am I believe. Austrian/Middle European accents.

          Best options in TriBeCa, far superior to Kitchenette or Bubbys. Have taken a few visiting friends to these places and they've been highly impressed.

          1. Mate-It don get any mo Noo Yawk than Barney Greengrass-forgive my British/Brooklyn accent. Also please try the sturgeon-cold on a toasted onion bagel with butter in addition to the salmon. Be the only Brit to try pastrami salmon as well. If you don't want to travel-have the same al fresco at russ&daughters on the lower east side across the street from prune.

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              Russ & Daughters is an excellent place to go to for a breakfast of delicious appetizing items. However, our British friends are probably not aware that Russ & Daughters is a food shop, not a restaurant, and so does not have any seating. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for this coming weekend will not be very conducive to al fresco dining. :-(