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Feb 25, 2007 10:25 AM

Sour Cherries?

Where can you find sour cherries in Toronto?

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  1. You can find them bottled in some European delicatessens. They are usually available at Fresh From The Farm. (bottled, in light syrup)

    1. Also available in Middle Eastern groceries stocking Persian ingredients (they are a common ingredient in Persian khoresh); try El Nasr Supermarket at Lawrence and Warden or Arz further east along Lawrence, or any Persian grocery around Yonge and Steeles. Have also see them at Brandt Outlet Shop on Mattawa Crescent in Mississauga.

      1. Just saw bottled sour cherries in the giant bulk place on the lower level of St. Lawrence Market.

        1. You might be able to find them frozen at a grocery store. In June Loblaws has a 2 kilo bucket of them. I buy the fresh bucket and freeze them in portioned bags. Good luck

          1. I bought a big jar at Highland Farms in Scarborough.