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Feb 25, 2007 09:59 AM

Looking for baked empanadas

I love baked empanadas. But it seems that most places fry them. Can anyone recommend a take out place for baked empanadas. I actually live out route 2, so west of Boston is best, but I'd be willing to travel some.

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  1. Not a restaurant, but Capone foods in Union Sq (Somerville) sells them frozen and you can bake them at home. I believe they have meat and spinach/cheese. Very tasty.

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    1. re: ClippyZ

      I'm sure they are authenric as Al is Argentinian.

    2. Frozen to bake at home definitely works too! Thanks! ;)

      1. Well, there are a lot of Italians in Argentina, so it might have to do with that! I'll have to pick some up soon and let you know how good they are! I won't be an expert on how authentic they are - or might I?

        When I was younger, I used to work in Boston and I used to get empanadas at a place in Fanuel Hall. They were really good. I think they were authentic. They had picadillo in them, sliced eggs, and raisins.

        But the place disappeared long ago.

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          I miss those empanadas. I had a fried chicken empanada from a corner store in Dorchester near the YMCA and it was fairly empty and non satisfying.

        2. Brazilian empanadas are always baked, but slightly different. They have a flour based crust and the fillings are different (you would never see raisins). Empadinhas are baked in muffin-tin bite sizes and empadao (note there is no "~n") is offered in slices from a square pie. Meat would be simply savory (garlic, paprika, bullion, sometimes "green seasoning") and chicken shredded, often with catupiry (cream cheese here). If you are out Rt 2 there is a Brazilian bakery on Central St in Leominster, plus I think there was a cafe/bakery that I haven't tried in Acton (minas cafe or something like that). The Lowell Portuguese bakery carries some Brazilian stuff.