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Feb 25, 2007 09:43 AM

Buying a gift certificate for SF restaurant from Boston, help???

I am hoping to buy a $100 gift certificate over the phone for a friend in San Francisco who just got engaged. She eats fish, but not meat. He is somewhat of a foodie. After a little research, I have thought about Masa, Boulevard or Gary Danko, however, I feel that there is probably a better choice. Maybe somewhere where they could sit and have apps and a glass of wine at the bar and not need to spend $100 of their own money to use the gift certificate? Maybe a recently opened place that they have been meaning to go. Can anyone help?

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  1. I like the bar at Slanted Door, which has lots of fish/veg options. If you are looking to spend about $100, I do suggest looking into a gift certificate at Ad Hoc in Yountville. It's about an hour drive from the city, but so worth it. Ad Hoc serves a $45 prix fixe with a set menu, but they are very gracious about accomodating vegetarian/pescatarian requests. Ad Hoc is quite the hot ticket right now, and would be a great way to celebrate a special occasion like an engagement. Ad Hoc phone: 707-944-2487.

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      Ad Hoc is an excellent suggestion. Hog Island Oyster might be fun too, located in the Ferry Plaza fun spot to sit at the bar and eat seafood and have wine with a view of the bay.

    2. Not recently opened, but the 5-course tasting menu at Aziza is $49 per person. They'd have to spend their own money for cocktails or wine, but Aziza would be my first pick. And of course they don't have to choose the tasting menu. Tons of seafood/fish/vegetarian/vegan as well as meat for him.

      1. some other thoughts...

        bar crudo - i really love this very small intimate "raw bar" which also has fantastic hot/cold apps/entrees. very seafood oriented and really charming.

        fish. (sausalito) - they can gorge on oysters, wine, or take home some delicious fish salads or soups. they will have plenty w/$100.

        pescheria - newly reviewed, maybe 1 year old. a good choice if they live in the southern part of the city (noe, mission, potrero, glen park, etc)

        pesce-fun to sit at the bar and order small plates of fish and drink wine

        i 2nd the hog island idea

        i think $100 woudl not get you very far at ad hoc - sounds like it will be $120 for the 2 person meal+tax/tip and then i think you'd easily spend $50 or so on beverages, so you are probably looking at $75 or so on top of the gift cert, minimum. Not a bad deal and certainly reduces the cost of a wonderful meal, just not sure what is what you were looking to do.

        1. I recently was given a $100 gift cert to Firefly in Noe Valley. It was the perfect amount for a great night out....apps, entrees, dessert and glass of wine each, plus tip. It's a cozy atmosphere with a wonderful menu...always a vegetarian option and at least one fish.

          Other ideas for something new are Nopa and Presidio Social Club.

          1. I just wanted to add that $100 won't go very far at Boulevard, Masa's or Gary Danko (and none of them have what I'd consider a "hip" bar scene).

            Nopa is definitely "hot"; Perbacco is also a hot new kid on the block.