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Feb 25, 2007 09:26 AM

Jimmy's Broad Street Diner, Weymouth

We went to Jimmy's Broad Street Diner in Weymouth for breakfast this morning. Been trying to get there for a few months now, as it looked like a popular place with locals. Well, it turned out to be a solid place for breakfast--excellent potato pancakes, scrambled eggs done the way I like them (well done and chopped fine--not runny at all), poached eggs that were also cooked well, decent home fries, good coffee, and thick, peppery bacon. Prices were good, the waitstaff was quick and efficient, and it seemed a good place for families.

I still like A Lighter Fare in Milton better, but Jimmy's is definitely a good option for people on the South Shore.

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  1. Hiya, lurker chick here, now living in Scotland (and the food here is better than you think haha) but grew up in Braintree. When I saw this thread I had to reply. My grandfather and I used to go to the old Jimmy's near the Quincy shipyard when I was a kid, and my uncle took me to the new Jimmy's this spring when I was visiting. I was REALLY impressed with their pancakes, don't know if I even had anything else. ;) Really light and airy, I'm sure I had blueberry once but I had to ask if they had chocolate chip, my total fave, and they did them for me no probs - YUM. Oh yeah, the home fries were nice too, bit peppery if I remember correctly. I don't eat meat so I can't say about that, they laughed when I suggested adding veggie bacon!

    The waitresses there are fab, very old school 'how ya doin hon' and refilling cups constantly. Weekend mornings are heaving (especially before/after church services nearby), luckily since I was on vacation we mostly went during the week. My uncle's a regular now, he and his friends can be found at the counter putting the world to rights every morning... it's great to have a place like this close to my family's house, I like the Hearth and Kettle okay (I know, but it's not too bad breakfast for a chain), but I love this place.