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Feb 25, 2007 07:52 AM

Dessert only

We were driving home last night approx 10 pm and wanted desperately for some good chocolate cake for dessert. Are there any good dessert places between Andover Ma and Manchester NH that are open past 11pm? Or does everything close up by 10pm north of Boston?

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  1. Chateau's (Andover) open til midnight on the weekends but then it's either the beginning or ending of your trip. :-(

    1. Not high end dining but you can get your choice of ice cream desserts at Friendly's in Nashua until 11:30.

      Another late night spot serving desserts is the 99, also in Nashua. Like I said, not high end dining but will calm a raging sweet tooth.

      1. Late Night... New Hampshire? Not really a lot going there...

        Hooters (Salem, NH) is open until 11pm, and has a fantastic Chocolate Moose cake, but it's not really a dessert place...