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Feb 25, 2007 06:47 AM

Can we discuss navigating this site...especially with searches?

I want to search something as simple as Wolf ranges. Nothing comes up, yet it has been discussed numerous times. Does the search need to be the topic only?

I also need to learn how to save time here. Please share some features I may be missing.

Thanks very much.

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  1. Here is one example of problems I am having. I thought this was going to post under Chow Feedback. Why is it here and not there?

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    1. The search engine is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

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      1. re: theflytyr

        I guess I'm glad to hear it's not me on this one. It's a shame though. There is so much great info and I can't access it.

        1. re: LIMary

          There's a discussion of the search engine happening over on the Technical Help board:

          If you've got comments on the search functions, that's the best place to get them noticed. If you want to discuss more general thoughts on using CHOW, go ahead and post them here.

      2. Well, I enjoy going through the boards for Los Angeles, but I sure can't see how to return to the page I was on. There are 47,000 or so items, and paging through from the start is a real pain.

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        1. re: salindgren

          Here's some info about how you can use the URL to get back to specific pages: