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Feb 25, 2007 05:21 AM

Berghoff Cookware?

We are considering the purchase of a stainless steel/copper cookware set by this manufacturer. Apparently their products are popular in Europe. Please share your thoughts/experiences.

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  1. Me too! Have you heard anything yet or did you buy them and if so, how are they going for you?

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      Hi! i just bought this Berghoff cookware Named Berlin. I paid $1799.00 for 17 pieces. You want to know? i'm going to tell you. First i found it fantastic the idea to cook meals with the good temperature. But after the first dinner, i realized that this Berghoff stuff is not the high quality that those sellers pretend to be. En premier, the solidity : the side of each pots and pan are very FRAGILE. Just a little tap with the cover at the very first use made a notch on the side. Very little tap! Je continu, three of the five themometers have scratch and one of them have a curved needle that indicate the wrong temp. Je poursuit, one of the five green tempered glass cover is thinner on one side that make a difference of 3/32 where the food and water and bacteries infiltrate between the ring and the glass and makes the cleaning long and difficult. Aussi, all five covers have a center cheap plastic gasket alors in the cleaning, water and soap infiltrate between the beautyful green tempered glass and the thermal machin holder. If you want to clean it well, you need to unscrew the mounted screw and pull out the 4 or 5 pieces, dry all of them and rescrewed it in place. Encore, at the very first use all of the pots turned blue, c'mon, this is suppose to be mirror surgery stainlesteel. Okkkkkk it comes back beautyful after an hour cleaning with the wonderful Stainlesteel soap that they gives you with your purchase. WoW! Ahhhhhh! the blue plastic cover that comes with it for putting the pot in fridg, warped at the very first use in the dishwasher. Is'nt it funny? Yeahhhhhh! I love my cookware, i got the temperature on it yeahhhhh! En terminant, i prefer and i'm serious, i prefer my 2 years old Firenze ( Italien Stuff ) that i paid $400 and it still look the same as the day i bought it. Totally yours, Gaétan ThE GoLlIaThE GP69

      ps. Désolé Laurie i realy do not like it. But one thing i did not say, that's true it makes good food. Une chance!

      You want to see my face, just click on the little picture down there.

      1. re: GoLlIaThe

        Sir, we never had cookware called "Berlin" but if you're positive that you have BergHOFF pots and you are not happy with it just contact us and we can help you solve your problem.
        Thank you.

      2. I just went to dinner last night at the new Carrabba's off of 54 and Suncoast Freeway. On the way back to trinity/new port richey, I saw that a new building was now up on the right side and it was called Berghoff's Cookware. It also had a sign about 50% off. I plan to go check it out this next week and will let you know what I find at the store.

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        1. re: diner524

          Just went to Berghoff's on S.R. 54 and they currently having a sale of 50% off the cookware sets and flatware. So a cookware set that was normally $250 for the set is $125, but I think most sets original price were high $200's to mid $350. The saleslady said they were guaranteed for life. They have some nice features and seemed like very good cookware sets but seemed overly priced, maybe why they were having the %50 off sale. Let us know if you purchase a set and how well you like them.

        2. We purchased a cookware set and a portable induction stovetop burner a few months ago and have enjoyed these products a great deal thus far. We love the induction stovetop so much, in fact, that we rarely use the burners on our range. In addition to being really high-quality, one of the neat features of the cookware is their stackability, allowing you to cook several dishes at the same time (for example, you can cook rice in the main pot, then steam fish and veggies in two separate pots stacked on top). And the surgical stainless steel cleans easily and always looks like new. My husband is really the chef of the house, but even slacker-cook me has enjoyed this cookware. Highly recommended.

          1. If you get Berghoff, buy the Cosmo line. It is the best. We bought the entire set and it is by far the most superior cookware ever. 7 ply, polished steel that is so beautiful; and all dishwasher safe. You can't go wrong. It is well worth the money and the result is so delicious.

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            1. re: HLKing

              I am looking at various cookware brands to consider in the future. I'd like to know if BergHoff is manufactured in Belgium or not. The HQ for the company apparently is located in Belgium, but that does not necessarily follow that the cookware is manufactured there.

              1. re: GibsonGirl55

                I found this quote on their website:

                "complete workflow is internally managed from initial design sketch to quality control and manufacturing"

                This seems to be saying that they don't outsource the manufacturing. But it doesn't say specifically where their products are made.

                Where do you find this brand of cookware? I've never seen it. And if you like beauty and function check out this line:


                Very beautiful, appears to be functional. Probably costs a fortune.

                1. re: sueatmo

                  Hi, again, sueatmo;

                  You find the nicest things. Thanks. Let me know what you find out about this stuff, especially brick and mortar retailers (I like to touch).

                  The design is a little Jetsonian for my tastes, and I hope that the money they saved by *not* hiring someone with proficiency in English got plowed back into the product. It would also be nice to learn more about the 6-layer disk at the bottom.

                  That being said, I can't imagine that Belgium would be a place for a schlock clad manufacturer to survive as long as this thread has without Berghoff being legit--the competition must be INTENSE.

                  New to me. I'll take it with a guarded "to be trusted" until I learn otherwise.

                  Thanks for Digging,

                    1. re: dcrb

                      A little reading in this document seems to indicate that they produce some of their stuff, but outsource other stuff in their line. They seem proud of their products, and they show us their designers.

                      Here is an Amazon link for a Virgo pan:

                      Quite nice. It has one positive review. Not too pricey, but not cheap. And the pan is beautiful.

                      1. re: sueatmo

                        Seems reasonable. Thanks for the link.

                      2. re: dcrb

                        Hi , dcrb:

                        Wow. 170 pages of *something*. The Berghoff catalogue is like spending the day at a (modern) art gallery. Pans have sexy curves, everything oozes ergonomics and design. If I ever wanted a modern kitchen and batterie, based on this Berghoff would be the first place I'd look.

                        The stocker on p. 151--you could land your helo in it.

                        Anyone want to give the abridged version of construction/layers, etc.?


                        1. re: kaleokahu

                          It is rather comprehensive. While prowling around the net, I found a store in Chicago, I think, with a banner for cooking classes. Some of the cookware is touted as waterless and greaseless.

                          ladybugthepug (see below) has a pressure cooker and a non-stick skillet; the skillet possessing some form of a hard ceramic coating which I am going to look into.
                          And the pressure cookers are described as heavy. We already have a heavy Duromatic cooker so won't be looking at that. But a non-stick that is still good after 2 years is worth looking into.

              2. I have a pressure cooker and a non-stick saute pan that I bought from the BergHoff store in Tampa. Inexpensive, well built. Non-stick surface is actually a type of ceramic. While not what I would consider the most well balanced pan when empty, the non-stick surface is two years old and is not the least bit nicked. We use this pan nearly every day to make eggs. This pan is the picture that is the dirtier of the two. Heavy construction. Weighs about two pounds. Don't know where it was made.

                The other picture (the cleaner bottom) is from a very nice dutch oven sized pressure cooker we also bought from the store. I'm guessing from the writing on the bottom that it was made in Europe somewhere. Again heavy construction and very useful.

                I would buy this stuff again in a heartbeat, but only the pieces I really needed. The store is really neat and while there IS stuff in there that is too expensive, there is also a lot of things that are a good value. You have to be able to know what you want and filter out all of the sales speak. Just my two cents.

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                1. re: ladybugthepug

                  The skillet looks nice. You say it is a type of ceramic. Do you remember if it was referred to as a green pan? Just curious. And thanks.

                  1. re: dcrb

                    Yeah, it was something along those lines. Eco, Green, I can't remember exactly what it was called, but I have to say, it's an extremely durable coating and is..well...non-stick. My wife actually said the other night that she wishes we had another one. Since we don't live in Florida (we were visiting the in-laws), we didn't want to risk doubling our displeasure if it turned out to be a dud.

                    1. re: ladybugthepug

                      Thanks. I'm going to look into this. A good non-stick is always handy. Thanks again.

                      1. re: ladybugthepug

                        Hello there, check out our website icookALOT.COM to receive contact information to purchase from the store. We do ship products and you can check out our catalog on the site. So, give us a call and we can't wait to hear back from you.

                            1. re: sueatmo


                              I subscribe to, which offers discounts on items for the home, kitchen, etc. They are having a sale on BergHOFF this week. All you have to do is join and the subscription is free.

                              1. re: GibsonGirl55

                                I was curious about this cookware, too. Some of it is very expensive


                                Some is very inexpensive:

                                $228 for copper. Can't be much copper in it.

                                At this price point it can't be made in Belgium; my money says China or someplace in South Asia.

                                This doc shows a Shanghai business office and BergHOFFs published US sales office.

                      ; export of


                                to the Hudson Bay Company (Toronto) via the port of Tacoma.

                                This Chinese manufacturer of glass lids claims BergHOFF as a major customer.
                                HAI AN HONGFEI INDUSTRY AND TRADING CO,LTD - Country: China: CN
                                Our monthly output of glass lids is about 800,000pcs. Haian Hongfei Industry and Trading Co.,Ltd is a specialized glass lid manufacturer. We can supply Wide Ring Glass Lids, High Dome Glass Lids,Colander Glass Lids, Frosted Glass Lids, Oval Glass Lids, and Suquare Glass Lids as well as Pyrex Glass Lids. At present, BergHoff Belgium, Berndes Germany and Silit Germany are our main cooperators!


                                This company seems to go to lengths to obscure or avoid showing its product's points of origin. Caveat Emptor?

                                1. re: plainv70

                                  We have one piece, a 26 cm bratpfanne or fry pan, and it is used now and then in our kitchen. It is well made, one of the Hotel Series, and if we could purchase another piece at good value, we would.

                                  The original carton mentions Belgium: I see no information suggesting China as the country of manufacture. The bottom of our pan is stamped with the information cooktop or hob typical today. It has been used on both our induction and our gaz barbeque very well. Very robust.

                                  It is perhaps better known in Germany and France, than here in Switzerland. I would say it is better constructed than Berndes, but not a good as Rösle.