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Feb 25, 2007 05:15 AM

finding decent food in no mans land LI

anywhere between Huntington and the Hamptons or the North Fork, food choices are many, but decent food, for a night out, is far between.
We went to the Sea Basin last night in Rocky Point. It's been there for a decade or more.
But it is a Greek diner that serves "Italian" food. Portions are huge, quality is good, service is fine. Everything tastes the same and is rather heavy or overdone in prep. Skip it.

Il Porto Bello
1090 Route 112
Port Jefferson Station NY 11776

Good food for the money with taste. Service a little spotty on a busy night. Good sized portions without being "food for the week".

Pasta Pasta, which has been around for years, up in PJ proper, is the same, but a bit more expensive and classy looking.

Ruvo, a recent addition to PJ, received a mixed view from family that was there recently.

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  1. What about La Plage in Wading River. I've never had a less than spectacular time there. And since you're talking Port Jeff, of course the pizza place with the coal oven, but also Costa de Espana has great food and atmosphere.

    1. We feel exactly the same about the lack of good places to eat on LI. We spend our summers on the North Fork each year and we really enjoy going to the Cooperidge Inn. It is on Rt. 25A, near Edwards Ave. It's east of Wading River, say 15 min. Sorry I can't be more specific. They also serve a Sunday buffet but we have yet to go.
      Anyone know anything about Giorgio's at the Bluffs in Baiting Hollow? Is it still working as a restaurant or is it exclusively for catered events? We have gone there many times and always enjoyed the atmosphere and the food.
      Great thread. I'm looking forward to more responses on this topic.

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        As reported on other threads, Cooperage has gone way downhill in the last few years. Even the atmosphere is like a mass feeding. Georgios does a very nice brunch open to the public, my friends told me they went for dinner too: very good, but not sure of the schedule.
        I understand Stonewalls in Riverhead (off Sound Ave) is exceptional, and also does prix fixe.

      2. If you went just past Sea Basin and took a left on Main Street in Rocky Point, you'd come to Graces, on the right, in the old train station. Everything there is cooked from scratch -- no frozen or pre-prepared or instant anything. Food choices are mostly of the comfort food variety, although comfort food of more than one nation, and wonderful comfort food. Prices are decent value. I particularly love the brandied bread pudding they have for dessert. My friend always orders their chicken sate appetizer as his meal. The decor isn't elegant but it is clean and homey. I've never been disappointed in a meal there. I haven't lived on Long Island now for almost three years so I hope this mention isn't outdated.

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        1. re: susanl143

          I stopped in there today just to check it out, it looks just as you said and lots of friendly people hanging at the bar, I'll definitely try it for dinner soon.

        2. Mirabelle in St. James is located between Huntington and "the Hamptons" and is one of the best restaurants in the New York metropolitan area.
          I haven't been to Casa Rustica in Smithtown in a long time, but it used to be good.
          Also, Bella Vita City Grill, right down the road from Mirabelle is good, if not great.

          1. Pricey - try the Lakehouse in Bay Shore.
            Meduim Priced - Bayview Inn in Jamesport, Emmersons in Babylon and In Season in Islip.