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Upscale Phila. Dinner

My wife and I will be in Philadelphia for 1 weeknight in the beginning of March and would like a suggestion for somewhere romantic for dinner. We like all types of food and not too worried about price. Thanks in advance

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  1. Le Bec Fin is the premiere french restaurant. LaCroix at the Rittenhouse is also very fine. Fountain Restaurant rounds out the top three. All luxe and pricey. You might also try Vetri or Gayle which are tough reservatons.

    1. Everyone should go to Le Bec Fin at least once. Have fun!

      1. Then there's the question of sheer volume of food. For me, the lunch at Le Bec Fin has all the romance, without the copious quantity of a seven/eight course meal, where you probably can't even pig out on the superb dessert cart afterward. I'd go for an early or late reservation at Vetri or La Croix for the romance plus great chow.

        1. although i like french food there are other restaurants I would recommend more (if you ae going for french also look at brasserie perrier (sp?) -- same owner as le bec fin) .

          The more popular restaurants are hard to get into so you should make a reservation even though you are there on a weeknight. two favorites of my husband and I are

          Pasion- nuevo latino (everything we ordered was delicious highly recommend the ceviche specialties of the night and of course the mojitos) http://pasionrestaurant.com/page/nv45...

          Astral Plane-- funky decor and again the food was excellent(http://theastralplane.com/page/nx0z/H...


          The Stephen Starr restuarants are famous but I would say a bit overpriced for what you get and food not as good as above (although drinks and dessert at Buddakan were worth it)

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            i strongly disagree with astral plane. above and beyond not worth the money.
            i have not been to pasion but heard it has gone downhill.

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              granted i moved away a year ago so you may be right about pasion, but we had friends eat at astral plane a few weeks ago and they still raved about the food so Im sticking by that one :)

          2. We have had lovely experiences at LaCroix at the Rittenhouse. We have never been disappointed there. It would be my first choice.
            Vetri is excellent - difficult to get a reservation, since it is small. It might be possible on a weekday evening.

            1. Fountain at the Four Seasons or Vetri. Really the two best in town!

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                I have eaten at the Fountain a whole once, and it was quite back, but MY GOODNESS that food was incredibly refined.

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                  I took my parents and sister to brunch there for my parent's 30th anniversary. While it was probably the most money I've ever spent on food in one sitting, it was so beyond good I still remember it very well!

              2. MSN has a piece today about celebrity chef's favorite places to eat. John Besh of New Orleans claims that Vetri is the best Italian food in America.


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                1. Mario Batali said the same thing once. I have eaten at Vetri twice. One meal was stupendous, the other, the most memorable meal I have ever eaten. I think about that meal all of the time.