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Feb 25, 2007 04:13 AM

Recent San Diego/La Jolla recommendations ?

11 years ago, my wife and I visited San Diego; we've been there twice, and another time to La Jolla.
We enjoyed, in no particular order, Dobson's, Chez Loma Coronada, Belgian Lion, Top of the Cove; any comments on the current state of these, or other recommendations.
Traveling next Saturday, Mar. 3, and staying for a week.

Much obliged for any help.

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  1. Dobson's is still around and doing great. The Belgian Lion is no more having morphed into 3rd Corner, which is an interesting concept. Same owner, but it's now a retail wine store that serves a small well planned and well executed menu at tables scattered throughout the store. Also has a bar. This sounds weird, but it works and is definitely worth trying. Top of the Cove is currently closed for rennovations. And Chez Loma Coronada? Have no clue, haven't heard to that particular restaurant.

    If you'll be in La Jolla try Nine-Ten, Georges at the Cove (not their Terrace dining room), Azul, Jack's, Harry's Cafe, Tapanade, The Cottage and more.................

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      I hate to correct you as I adore your posts but the 3rd Corner is actually owned by the former owner of Thee Bungalow, and yes is for sure worth a try. The owners of the Belgian Lion retired--but as indicated below, their grandson owns Modus (and has carried on the delicious french fry tradition.)

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        You're right it is the former owners of The Bungalow. Don't worry about correcting me, I've got really thick skin and I'm not easily offended :-)

    2. Just curious as I haven't seen it Parallel 33 still around?

      I really liked the room, the concept and the food.

      1. Parallel 33 is still around and going strong. They have added a lounge area that has about six dining tables and a small bar right next door. I also like the decor, concept and most of the food - but I've always liked the appetizers better than the main dishes (especially the duck salad, chicken b'stilla and ahi poke.) I love the date madeleine dessert with vanilla rose gelato. It might sound a bit weird to some, but it's really very good.

        As noted above, Dobsons is still going strong. I just had lunch there last week and it was fantastic - I had the mussel bisque (a baby bisque) and split a chicken sandwich with caesar salad. Their fries also looked really good.

        I hadn't heard that Top of the Cove was closed, but I was just talking with someone yesterday and wondering what was going on with it. I have heard that Chez Loma in Coronado has gone downhill in recent years, though I have never tried it.

        Some of the newer high end places in town that are well thought of are Market (in Del Mar), Jack's, Tapenade and 910 (all in La Jolla,) and 1500 Ocean at the Hotel Del. Addison and Blanca are also two new high end places that have mixed reviews and are very expensive.

        Older "classic" places that are still around include the Marine Room, Mr. A's (now Bertrand at Mr. A's - run by the owner of Mille Fleurs), The Winesellar Brasserie, Pamplemousse (lots of negative reviews on these boards though) and Mille Fleurs.

        If you like French bistro style dining - you might also try Modus (the chef is the son of the Belgian Lion owner), Vagabond, Cafe Chloe, Cavaillon or La Bastide Bistro. The latter two are in strip malls in Carmel Valley and Scripps Ranch, respectively - but by all accounts the food should make the trip worthwhile. Also good, but not necessarily French - the Linkery and Jayne's Gastropub - both in North Park.

        Enjoy your trip!!

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          Top of the Cove was bought by James Brennan (owner of Stingaree) and he wants to tear down the building and build something new

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            Good to know P33 is hanging in there. And come to think of it, the small plates were more impressive than the main dishes. Will have to revisit the next time in SD.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Tapenade is a must in La Jolla; Addison is great (was just there again last night)