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Feb 25, 2007 12:11 AM

Ramen in the Triangle?

My favorite film of all time has to be "Tampopo". But without a suitable ramen joint to run to, viewing this film turns tortuous. Can anyone suggest where I might find a yummy bowl of ramen to slurp?

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        1. I think Tsunami has ramen on the menu, but I can't really speak to its quality or authenticity. I seem to recall that it's better than the 12-cent stuff from the Teeter, though ;-)

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              Next to the Mardi Gras Bowl in the stripmall on highway 54 just west of the 54/40 interchange between Durham & Chapel Hill.

            2. re: rossgrady

              Ok, I and three friends visited Tsunami. One ordered sushi, while the rest of us ordered big bowls of ramen with different toppings (chicken, pork, gyoza). Overall, the sushi was considered "good, cheap sushi" and the special rolls were freshly made... nice for quick take-out on a busy night. The ramen, however, was bland, bland, bland. The chicken and pork toppings were ok, but the gyoza were dry and hard as bricks, clearly defrosted by being set under a hot lamp, and no good. The broth was devoid of flavor, while the noodles were passable. Overall, I would not recommend for the ramen, but the sushi might do for a quick, cheap dinner. I will continue my search...

            3. I haven't actually tried the ramen, but Kurama Express on S. Columbia in Chapel Hill has it. I love their udon.

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                  AKA not very good and overpriced sushi-go-round.