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Feb 24, 2007 10:54 PM

Top of th Mark Brunch....

I thinking of going for brunch at the Top of the Mark in next few weeks with some out of town visitors....question I it worth it?....I know that the view is fine but is the food in line with the price? I have had numerous breakfast buffets in some fine hotels and in the the $20-30 per person range you will get some v. good "Top of the Mark" that good?...that much better? Thank you in advance....

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  1. We had a group of 8 go about two months ago for a birthday brunch and enjoyed every minute of it. The food and service were very good, and though expensive as you suggest, I thought it was worth it for a special occasion. Your out of town guests will love it.

    Some of the food highlights were the small caviar station that had about 8 different types to try, and the carved lamb riblets. Oh, and the bread pudding at the dessert station was awesome! It had bananas which worked for me.

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      I concur,.......I also enjoyed my brunch experience there....

    2. The brunch at Top of the Mark is $59.

      1. My wife's mother was here during the war when the Top of the Mark was THE place. When she spent Xmas with us last year she wanted to go back there, the first time in over 60 years. We took her to the Sunday branch and we were all extremely happy. As mentioned both the food and the service were first rate, well worth the money. And, as also mentioned, you do have the view.

        1. In addition, when I was there in November with a group of 6, I believe the champagne was included in the price and was a bottomless glass that was quite tasty! Also, we never felt rushed even though we were among the first reservation group and stayed close to 2 hours.

          1. I am curious to see how other Hounds compare the Top of the Mark Brunch to the Ritz Carlton Brunch? I always felt that the food at Ritz Carlton was much better and I also really like the garden setting.