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Feb 24, 2007 10:10 PM

steak restaurant with prices/portions like outback but different atmosphere


I go to outback steak house too much, so i would like a change in atmosphere but still keep the price and portions intact to the chain. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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  1. The steaks at Angelo & Maxie's are quite good (though certainly not on a par with the top-tier steakhouses), portions are more than adequate, and prices are similar to Outback's, i.e., in the $20's.

    1. You could always go the French bistro route ... pretty much every one makes a steak frites or steak au poivre. Something like Tartine in West Village.

          1. re: poorstudent

            This might seem silly but I have always LOVED the steak at Markt. It's just really good. They just moved into a new space by Outback on 21st and 6th. Really good begian beers and dessert as well (Dame Blanche)!

        1. It's a hike and they only take cash, but try Pampa on the far UWS.